employment verification

  1. A

    Subclass 189 Responding to s57 NJL

    Hello everyone, I had lodged my PR visa under 189 subclass from India on Nov 2017 ( Developer Programmer ANZSCO Code: 261312). There was no updates on my case from then other than the immi commencement mail i received on Feb 2018. Now i have received the s57 NJL on Apr 2019 with the below...
  2. atifiqbal1985

    Subclass 189 Employment Verification Of Partner?

    Hi all, I have lodged my Visa application 2 weeks back, and uploaded all the required documents. Since I have claimed partner points, therefore, I uploaded the work experience letter, RnR letter, skill assessment of my partner as well. Currently I am informing my ex employers to give them...