1. D

    Subclass 457 Previous employer demands details about future visa

    Where do I begin? It seems like our situation got more or less resolved and now my family does not need to leave on a short notice. I have a question though, can my current employer demand details of my next application, bridging visa or something similar? And maybe this is not strictly...
  2. T

    Employment History for EOI

    Hi MysticRiver and everyone, In the section of Employment History for EOI; 1. Do I have to put all employment for the last 10 years including casual, relevant/irrelevant to my nominated occupation? 2. I have a total of 7 years experience, however, the first year of my employment is already past...
  3. D

    Subclass 457 457 notice period, visa termination

    Our workplace has been really low on work in the last several months and I have recevied a tip-off from a senior colleague that head office is considering to get rid of people on work visas. Decision is unlikely to be made official until the annual meeting which usually takes place in the last...
  4. R

    ACS Digital signature not provided - how can I submit my documents to ACS?

    Dear friends, since ACS modified the guidelines for the skills assessment, I read here https://www.acs.org.au/msa/skills-faqs.html:: "ACS does not require documents to be certified as true copies of the original. Documents need to be submitted as high quality colour scans." Also, in their...
  5. M

    EA Update my eoi or not

    Hi Everyone, Please answer my question! I have submitted my EOI for 190 Vic 2 months ago with EA Id and date for the qualification assessment Today i have received overseas employment assessment for experience which mean the assessment outcomes updated The assessment letter have the same EA...
  6. F

    Forgot to mention an employment in the Form 80 of an already granted visa

    hi. I have been working as accountant for the last 10 months. (paid in cash+tax) in Sydney. my 485 was granted a month ago. I have 75 points will be 80 due to experience. I made a mistake of not including my accounting job in employment history in form 80 (required for 485) and was over...
  7. H

    About 186

    Regards Admin I have been offered 186 Employment Visa from an Australian firm in Queensland. Should I have to meet all requirements like having 7 band each in IELTS and positive assessment or can I move with this Visa by simply getting positive assessment from concerned assessment authority...
  8. W

    NSW Far South Coast 489 visa - demonstrated employment opportunities

    Hi Admin, Please update me about Far South Coast 489 visa about this line "demonstrated character and employment opportunities currently available in the region". What does this exactly mean?
  9. K

    Question about the Education

    Hi, I just filled the EOI form as a developer programmer. My education was " 1.Your Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering from ### completed has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a major in computing." so what should i choose in the Qualification is it...
  10. mystic3214

    One issue filling EOI

    Hi there.. Do I need to mention one month employment period ( as intern ) in the EOI even if I wont get any points for that. P.S I used this employment for my cdr and got a positive assessment overall.
  11. A

    Condition of Australian skilled employment - stationed outside Australia

    Hi guys, I really need an advice regarding my employment, which is giving me much headache at the moment. So I have had this skilled employment at the same company for 2.7 years in Australia. Last year I was located in Canada for the whole year, however I was still employed and paid by that...
  12. D

    No payslip is available for a part of the total employment

    Hello Mystic River, I intend to submit by EOI for subclass 189 (Skilled occupation - Software Engineer) soon. I have got my skills assessed by the ACS and it is positive. I have held 5 jobs till now and all have been assessed as related to skilled occupation - Software Engineer. Now, as I have...
  13. S

    EA Engineers Australia Assessment

    Dear All, I was assessed as Industrial Engineer in EA assessment. I applied for CDR+Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment. For CDR , assessor gave me positive result as Industrial Engineer. For Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment. Assessor emailed me that He did not include the...
  14. N

    Purpose of submitting secondary employment evidences

    What is the purpose of submitting employment evidence other than the employer's reference? In a case where an employer/employee has not paid tax on the salary earned by the employee, and was paid by cash in hand and the employee can only provide evidence such as a salary letter from employer...
  15. M

    General Work Fields

    Undoubtedly, most of engineers in the Middle East or Gulf areas are just working as coordinators in handling projects or driving any maintenance process in any service jobs. As a mechanical engineer willing to work in Australia after getting my 189 subclass visa invitation I am currently...