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  1. A

    ACS Masters in IT (Mj Cyber securtiy and networking) with past experience in Telecommunication Network Engineer.

    I had done Bachelors in Technology, Major in Electronics and Communication Engineering from INDIA (4years) I have 5+ years of experience in telecommunication network Engineer. (Anzsco- 263312) This assessment will be done by EA (I have not done any assessment yet) . Now, I completed my...
  2. evdonstoy

    Other PhD degree and industry experience

    Hi everyone, I am quite new here. I have a Ph.D. degree and industry experience in civil engineering (construction and structural design), what kind of skill assessment will I need for a 189 Subclass Visa?
  3. B

    EA experience

    I have 1year 6months Experience (I have pay slips and experience letter and duty letter, no IT returns). 2years 11months Experience (I have all documents, including IT returns) 1 year Experience. Australian. All documents. According to above data, how much points I should claim? May they count...
  4. uzungo

    EA Problem about self employed offshore work experience

    if your company does not make a profit for the last 2 year (tax purposes =) but turnover is high. Would Australia Engineer accept as offshore work experience? or they just say you didn't earn enough money for engineering pay rate? Because most off company wanted to prevent tax and they buy...
  5. G

    Guide Info about what code can i use

    Hi , i have been working as a application support engineer and production support engineer in india and now i would like to apply for Australia under which code can i apply? Do they do assessments based on designation name or based on roles and responsibilities?
  6. P

    EA will i get positive outcome from EA.

    Hi I applied for skill assessment in EA for electrical engineer. Now i receive a mail from EA to explain below points just want to know if i provide all the explanation then is there any chances to get a positive outcome. Is there any one who faced similar situation and received a positive...
  7. I

    EA Skill assessment , Engineers Australia

    Greetings, I have recently applied for Engineers Australia and I have received an email from them requiring more documents. I have some questions as following please anyone with experience answer me: 1. They only asked for official contract and payslip relevant to my working experience, does...
  8. soujanya123

    EA Will this yield a positive skill assessment ?

    Hello, I am currently pursuing B.Tech Electronics Engineering (Full Time- 4 Years) and will graduate in April 2020. I have Zero Work Experience but a lot of self-made projects in my portfolio. My Question: Should I apply for Electronics Engineering (233411) Skill Assessment Under Engineers...
  9. T

    Skilled Migration vs. Partner Visa?

    Hello, I was hoping someone could provide some perspective. I am currently living in the USA with my Australian partner of two years. In about a year, we would like to move back to Victoria to be close to her elder parents. We have been planning to apply for the Partner Visa De Facto...
  10. X

    EA If I have a 3-year Master of Engineering (Electrical) would I be a 233311 Electrical engineer or a 233411 Electronics engineer?

    Engineers Australia hasn't put up the exact criteria for each profession, so I don't know which one I would be. This is important because 233411 is pro rata and 233311 is not pro rata. So 233311 potentially requires fewer points to get invited.
  11. P

    EA CDR Assessment - Rewriting the career episode.

    Please help to clear my doubt if anyone has experienced the same. I got the following feedback from the assessor. 1. The career episode you have presented provides insufficient detail of the engineering work personally undertaken by you and does not demonstrate your competencies as...
  12. syedwahab14

    Guide My 189 visa story

    Hi everybody, I was recently granted skilled independent visa (subclass 189). Since I did not hire any consultant for the most part, forums like migrationdesk were really helpful through the whole process. Having received the visa grant I would like to share my story for anybody who might find...
  13. ajinmc

    EA Assessor said my career episodes as intern are not suitable for professional engineer - what to do?

    Dear Applicant, I notice all your career episodes are from an internship period which was for a short duration of time. During this period you were working under the supervision of your manager as not an independent engineer. Through the episodes, competencies are not demonstrated to support a...
  14. T

    EA CDR queries for a Draftsperson (312311)

    Hello all! My wife is going to write CDRs as Electrical Engineering Draftperson. She has completed Bachelor in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, but has no work experience. However, she has done a number of mini projects within electrical circuit domain in the university. Is it possible...