engineer technologist

  1. adnanfaroq86

    EA Career episodes from Published papers

    Hello, I am completing my Phd degree. I have published several research papers in the international journals. I want to know that I can i re-write those projects in the cdr for engineering technologist?
  2. adnanfaroq86

    EA Assessment as Electrical Engineer(233311) or Engineer Technologist(233914 )?

    I am completing my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Australia. I am planning to enter into the immigration process and first thing will be the skill assessment. I completed my Bachelor's of Computer Engineering from Dept of Electrical Engineering, then completed my Masters by Research +...
  3. syedwahab14

    Guide My 189 visa story

    Hi everybody, I was recently granted skilled independent visa (subclass 189). Since I did not hire any consultant for the most part, forums like migrationdesk were really helpful through the whole process. Having received the visa grant I would like to share my story for anybody who might find...
  4. S

    Subclass 189 How long will it take to get invitation for Engineering Technologist (233914) for 70 points?

    Hello guys I recently launched my EOI for 70 points on Engineering Technologist (ANZSCO 233914) on 29th Jan 2019 for 189 Subclass. How long or when can I expect to receive the invitation? Please respond to the question, I'm worried that my 485 visa expires in September 2019. Thank you.
  5. B

    EA Is there any chance that EA would assess me as an engineering technologist?

    Hello friends My name is basil I completed bachelor degree from India in master degree in mechanical engineering I am planning to apply for 190 visa But here in my state only engineering technologist is open not the professional engineer I applied to engineers australia to accredit me as a...
  6. P

    EA How to respond in this case? ask for help

    Hi, Can anyone (@MysticRiver) give me any advice. The assessor message: I have completed the assessment of your Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in Petroleum Geology. There is insufficient content of geotechnical Engineering subjects covered by these programs to support a geotechnical...
  7. D

    EA Engineers Australia didn't mention my qualification of the outcome letter

    I received the outcome letter for Assessment of Engineering Associate Qualifications (Dublin Accord) & Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment today. The letter mentions my qualification to be equivalent to Occupational qualification of Engineering Technologist ANZSCO code 233914, however there...
  8. Z

    EA CDR assessment

    Hi, I am facing some difficulties with EA and would like to hear your opinions about it. I have applied for the assessment as a professional engineer. I have 2.5 years experience and doing my PhD in civil engineering in Australia atm. They have replied to me with a message (not the outcome) that...
  9. V

    Engineer Australia degree assessment as professional or engineer technologist

    Hello, I completed my Electrical engineering (4 years) in 2010, then had a break for 3 years.(doing nothing). Than came to Australia for studying masters of management engineering(2 years) completed in 2015. Can you please help me to know that, if I will go for degree assessment as Electrical...
  10. N

    Anybody received Nomination from NSW for 233914 Code?

    Anybody received Nomination from NSW for 233914 Code Recent Days?
  11. N

    EA Australian PR process - Engineer Technologist

    It would be a great help for me if you can spend some time on reading this and give me an advice. I have an idea in migrating to Australia. I got my positive skill assessment under engineer technologist. Currently I have 55 points of marks and by the end of June it will be 60 points since I'm...