engineering technologist

  1. R

    EA Electrical engineer nominated as engineering technologist

    Hi everyone! I recently received my result from EA as engineering technologist 233914. The occupational classification and occupation is also engineering technologist. I am concerned that on the outcome document does not state anywhere of which engineering technologist I am. I have an...
  2. Jai27

    QLD Would i be considered for the EOI i submitted 5 days before had my 3months experience completed?

    Recently BSMQ opened the window from 29th September till 5th October. My agent has submitted by EOI on 29th of September itself but my 3 months of experience would complete on 5th of October. Would i still be considered for the below criteria on BSMQ website? “If you are lodging an EOI for a...
  3. A

    VIC Victorian Job offer for Engineering Technologist under graduate pathway

    Hello, I am a graduate of Victoria and got positive skill assessment as an Engineering technologist 233914. I have 60 points right now so I can go for 190 and 489 and I can see there is no option available at the moment to apply for any other state except victoria, but victoria ask for a job...
  4. C

    EA Engineering Technologist (233914) or Electronic Engineer (233411)

    Hi everyone, I am a bit confused about my current situation. I held a UK 3-years Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineer. However, further learning are required which settles me in the "Sydney Accord" I believe. If i am settled in the "Sydney Accord", I believe I will be categorized under the...
  5. I

    NSW How long will it take to get a nomination from NSW for industrial engineers?

    Hi Admin, i m an industrial engineer with 75 points for state nomination 190 NSW. I have submitted my application with this amount of points in October 2018 and still no any calls. Do you have some information about how long i may still wait, or about industrial engineers, if some of them have...
  6. Gaurav

    Engineering technologist with 75 points

    Hi Friends, My occupation is Engineering Technologist with DOE 20/02/19 and 75 points. What are my chances of receiving 189 visa invite and roughly what’s the wait time. And also under Electronics Engineer 75 points, DOE 20/02/19. Thankyou very much
  7. B

    EA Engineering technologist pr

    Hello friends I applied to Enginneers australi to accredit me as an engineering technologist and They gave me positive acrreditation My question as i got technologist accreditation, will my masters degree will Be counted for my 189 application 30 points( age ) 15 points ( bachelor degree from...
  8. N

    EA Eligibility for an MSA in a non career related occupation

    Hello forum, Looking for some guidance and experience here. Has anyone tried to get an MSA under the category of Engineering Technologist with an existing occupation as an engineer? Its just that I have almost always been working as a petroleum engineer and am concerned that I don't have the...
  9. Z

    Engineers Australia Informal Review

    Hi guys, During my last communication with my assessor, they advised that the potential outcome of my application is engineering technologist (ET) since the requirements in the competencies 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 have not been met. I replied saying that I have written 21 paragraphs on these 3...
  10. K

    EA Engineering Technologist

    Hello, I had applied for visa 189 (60 points) & for 190 (65 points) in mid October, 2016. This is when I submitted my EOI as an Engineering Technologist. I am well aware that individual visa 189 is tough to get with 60 points. But, I don't understand why I am not getting the invitation...