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    Getting a job after visa approval

    Hi everyone. I came up to this forum searching for information to apply for a work visa in Australia. I am from Honduras, Central America. I am an engineer with high English skills and I want to apply for a skilled independent visa (189). My wife is a general practitioner and speaks English as...
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    Skilled Migration vs. Partner Visa?

    Hello, I was hoping someone could provide some perspective. I am currently living in the USA with my Australian partner of two years. In about a year, we would like to move back to Victoria to be close to her elder parents. We have been planning to apply for the Partner Visa De Facto...
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    EA If my engineering degree is an accredited program under the Washington Accord, do I have to do all that CDR stuff and career episodes?

    I have an Australian degree which is accredited by Engineers Australia under the Washington Accord. So I presume I can apply under the Australian Qualification Pathway or the Washington Accord Pathway. Given this, will I have to do all that CDR stuff and Career Episodes stuff? Also, does this...
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    EA If I have a 3-year Master of Engineering (Electrical) would I be a 233311 Electrical engineer or a 233411 Electronics engineer?

    Engineers Australia hasn't put up the exact criteria for each profession, so I don't know which one I would be. This is important because 233411 is pro rata and 233311 is not pro rata. So 233311 potentially requires fewer points to get invited.
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    EA Insufficient detail of the engineering work.

    Assessment: Mechanical Engineer I received "Insufficient detail of the engineering work." from Engineers of Australia. Can I provide a new project OR should I work on the same project?
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    General Finding a job in Australia - Mechanical Engineering

    As a mechanical engineer with 5 years of experience in MEGA projects .. what are the things i need to do find a job in Australia, knowing that i have an Australian PR but my experience in outside Australia ? Which state is most recommended for Engineering jobs (Especially construction...