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  1. C

    EA I worked with same group of companies in India and abroad . Should I submit single employment period or different periods

    My Experiance is as follows 2012 April to October : trainee engineer @ STEAG INDIA at India location 2012 October to 2014 March : Engineer @ STEAG INDIA at India location 2014 March to 2014 July : Engineer @ STEAG INDIA at Botswana (Africa) location 2014 aug to 2019 March : senior engineer...
  2. A

    EA Engineers Australia employment evidence

    What do I do if I need employment evidence from my current workplace? I can't just tell them that I am planning to immigrate to Australia, it might put my position at risk... Are there other options to get this evidence? without raising red flags? Thanks
  3. X

    EA If my engineering degree is an accredited program under the Washington Accord, do I have to do all that CDR stuff and career episodes?

    I have an Australian degree which is accredited by Engineers Australia under the Washington Accord. So I presume I can apply under the Australian Qualification Pathway or the Washington Accord Pathway. Given this, will I have to do all that CDR stuff and Career Episodes stuff? Also, does this...
  4. A

    EA EA assessment timeline

    Hello, I have submitted my MSA application to Engineers Australia on March 28, 2019 through Fast track. It cost me 1424 AUD in total. My MSA status is showing "queued for assessment" yet. When are they gonna pick it for assessment?
  5. K

    EA Can I apply through EA with a BTech - Computer Science and engineering degree?

    Hello Forum, I have a question regarding the assessing authority. My undergrad was in BTech - Computer Science and engineering. And I worked as a Network Engineer in Cisco Systems for 4 years. Cisco is a telecommunications company. My job experience was an overlap of Telecommunications...
  6. M

    EA Skilled Employment between Bachelors and Masters Recognised???

    Hi there. I have a query about skilled employment assessment with Engineers Australia and was wondering if anyone can help. I'm unsure if I should apply as an Industrial Engineer (i.e. Professional Engineer) or Engineering Technologist. The problem is, I studied a 3 year bachelors degree (Sydney...
  7. G

    Subclass 189 Query from EA

    Hi guys, I got notice from EA asking for additional documents. Below is my planned course of action. Can someone suggest if this is OK? 1. Unless you assign (submit) your PTE scores to Engineers Australia, so I can check them online, I won't be able to continue with the assessment of your...
  8. Boyanio

    Should i try to apply for visa?

    I am working as Front End engineer, and i am from Macedonia. Currently, i am self taught, i don't have a degree that represent my skill set and experience.i have been working in this company for the last 5 years and i am 33 years old. I really much consider to immigrate in Australia. But i can't...
  9. Z

    EA Need Help Regarding EA assessment for RSEA

    Dears I have positive assessment from EA as Engineering Technologist 233914, but my experience was not recognized by EA due some difference in the Job description. Now I have arranged an updated reference letter from my employer with correct job description. In addition to this I have all other...
  10. M

    EA Please review & suggest : Exp. Ref. letter Electrical Engineer

    Dear Colleagues, I am about to submit my Reference letter to EA for Relevant Skills Assessment. Request you all to please suggest changes & your feedback on whether it will be positive for Electrical Engineer or Not ...?
  11. C

    EA I applied for Telecommunication Engineer (Professional Engineer) and I got outcome as engineering technologist which is not satisfied result for me.

    I applied for Telecommunication Engineer (Professional Engineer) and I got outcome before 2 weeks as engineering technologist which is not satisfied result for me. My question is Instead of review again , can I apply again for assessment with strong documets and CDR? Is there any chances to...
  12. S

    EA Primary Document for Relevant skill assessment

    HI!! I am applying for a separate relevant skill assessment for Engineers Australia, but i am having certain doubts for the primary documents required for an employee. As per MSA booklet , Primary document requires a endorsement letter on a companys letter head from manager/immediate superior...
  13. N

    EA Eligibility for an MSA in a non career related occupation

    Hello forum, Looking for some guidance and experience here. Has anyone tried to get an MSA under the category of Engineering Technologist with an existing occupation as an engineer? Its just that I have almost always been working as a petroleum engineer and am concerned that I don't have the...
  14. S

    EA PF statement and Form 26 AS

    Hi All, I had applied for my skills assessment with EA through fastrack on 26/5/2018 and i received a reply yesterday from them asking me for additional information which includes Form 26 As and PF statement. Since my income was below the taxable salary slab I did not have to pay any income...
  15. helpseeker94

    EA getting my civil engineering bachelores assessed

    Hi everyone, I did my civil engineering bachelors in Hyderabad, India. Then I did masters in Information systems (MISP) here in Australia. as a better option, I am choosing civil engineering as my skill to apply for permanent residency. My question is that, does Engineers Australia questions me...
  16. naveed.chohan

    EA Career episodes similarities

    If someone receives a reply from EA that the submitted CE has the similarities or copied from the sources AND they provide you a chance for explanation than you are lucky enough that they provide you a chance for explanation and now you should prove the originality of your work otherwise you may...
  17. K

    EA Engineers Australia Assessment Advice

    Here is my timeline Bachelor=== Mechatronics ===4 years Master ===== Specilaisation in Mechatronics === 2 years Australia Univeristy. I want to write CDR.How can I get Mechanical Assessment?
  18. I

    EA Applied for assessment got rejected and ban imposed for 1 year

    Hi Team, Recently I have applied for skill assessment to Engineers Australia. The project reports submitted was my own work which I did during my undergraduation course! I am not sure where these projects got uploaded online. I have checked online and found similar projects. When I submitted my...
  19. D

    EA Engineers Australia didn't mention my qualification of the outcome letter

    I received the outcome letter for Assessment of Engineering Associate Qualifications (Dublin Accord) & Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment today. The letter mentions my qualification to be equivalent to Occupational qualification of Engineering Technologist ANZSCO code 233914, however there...
  20. Z

    EA Suggestions Required For Electrical Engineer Skill Assessment

    Dear friends, I am going to apply for skill assessment from EA, and need your guidance. I'm Electrical & Electronics Engineer from a UK university while studying in another country (3 years B.Eng Hons degree). My degree transcripts depict more focus on electronics than electrical subjects...