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    EA 4th level Australian qualification framework

    I have done Bsc mechanical engineering technology session was 2013 to 2017 but i graduated in 2021 my degree is attested By higher education commission, and recently done post graduation degree as well. My bsc institute is at level 4 according to Australian qualification framework, my CDRs are...
  2. T

    EA Comment regarding Work experience cannot be recorded.

    Dear all, I would much appreciate if you help me in understanding the following comment I received during my EA assessment: "Work experience cannot be recorded if they are not related to your underpinning knowledge and nominated occupation [Electronics Engineering." I'm currently working as...
  3. K

    EA Similarities between all three career episodes submitted and Internet sources

    Hello Everyone, I received the following comment from Engineers Australia regarding my skills assessment application with ANZSCO Code 233311. I have written all three career episodes by myself and all were from my professional experience. But still I got this comment. Now, how should I address...
  4. U

    EA Information Required on Skill Assessment as Electronics Engineer

    Anybody who has received positive skill assessment as Electronics Engineer from Engineers Australia can share his/her Academic Transcript or major specialization Electronics subjects studied during the course . I want to match it with my degree just to be sure that I am eligible to get...
  5. R

    EA Engineering Technologist to Telecom Network Engineer using one relevant older career episode

    I had apply for Engineering technologist assessment in the year of 2017 and received a positive assessment but did not receive an invitation till 2019. I am planning to apply for the Telecom Network Engineer profession. One of my career episode I submitted for Engineering Technologist is...
  6. I

    EA Skill Assessment for Metallurgical Engineers

    Hi, I want to know that if Metallurgical Engineers (living outside Australia) need to show job experience for their skill assessment or not in independent skill visa sub class 189?
  7. M

    EA Skill Assessment- Washington Accord - Application Details

    Hi All, I have searched the threats realted to my problem, but not successful. I have encountered the issue in the aplication details section- I am following the Washington Accord because my degree fall in the years during which my degree accrediated with WA. Can anyone help me in fullfilling...
  8. B

    EA The date you are deemed skilled

    Greetings to all I'd like to give NSW 491 a go. And I found out the following statement regrading skilled employment from NSW gov website ''If you claim employment in your SkillSelect EOI before the date you are deemed skilled in your occupation, you are not eligible to apply for NSW nomination...
  9. P

    Updating skill assessment after expired EOI invite 189

    Hi all, I have just received an invite to 189 and I also have just found out that I have not paid attention to my skill assessment reference number. First skill assessment outcome letter from Engineers Australia came up in July 2019. So, by now that means this outcome letter is already expired...
  10. intelo

    General Claiming the points for experience obtained before clearing backlog

    Hi All, I'm in a tricky situation. I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering during May 2008- May 2012. However, I had one pending backlog which I cleared only in October 2013. I have been working from June 2012 (immediately after the college, but before clearing the last backlog)...
  11. mprixf

    EA Thoughts on skills assessment as Electrical Engineer instead of Electronics Engineer?

    Hi Please pardon me if this question was avoidable here... This is my first question in this forum... I am did my graduation in Electronics & Communication Engineering in the year 2009. For 11 years, I have been working as Rail Signalling Engineer which is significantly inclined towards...
  12. A

    EA Claming points for work experience

    Hi! I have a question regarding claiming points for work experience. My occupation is an electronics engineer, and the assessing authority is Engineers Australia. I have over three years of work experience in Australia, and I have been working for the same employer and same responsibilities. Do...
  13. R

    EA Electrical engineer nominated as engineering technologist

    Hi everyone! I recently received my result from EA as engineering technologist 233914. The occupational classification and occupation is also engineering technologist. I am concerned that on the outcome document does not state anywhere of which engineering technologist I am. I have an...
  14. J

    EA Proof of R & R with Engineers Australia

    Hello, I am in the process of getting myself verified as a Control Systems Engineer for 189, 190 or the 491. I have 3 years and 10 months of experience in the field. I have worked for 2 companies including my present company at 3 different roles. I started off a project technician at the first...
  15. S

    EA Professional Engineer to Engineering Technologist

    I have a positive skill assessment as a Professional Engineer. Is it possible to apply as Engineering technologist with same career episodes I previously applied for Professional Engineer? Obviously, changes are needed for Summary statement, but my only concern is on Career Episodes. Thank You.
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    EA What is the minimum wage to claim 5 points for Employment in Australia for a Graduate Engineer

    Hello, I am currently working as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer in Western Australia. I am to complete one year with the same company soon and I got payslips and reference documents to prove the employment. But I think they paid me below the average annual salary of a graduate engineer. Will...
  17. kannan143

    EA Skill Assessment

    I have a 3 year full time Diploma in civil engineering is awarded by Indian government and followed by A bachelors degree(part time). EA only accepted the higher qualification which is my bachelor degree and the counted experiences after the degree is awarded. However, prior to my bachelor...
  18. C

    CDR Only EA Skills Assessment - Gap & Irrelevant Work Experience in Resume

    Hi everyone, I am applying for CDR Only assessment for Engineers Australia. I have 2 years gap post bachelors and 2 years irrelevant work experience. In the 2 years gap I prepared for Banks and government exams. I will add 2 year work experience that I have, however I am thinking of not...
  19. S

    EA EA asking for explanation as they believe CDR are copied? Please help. Thank you

    Hi All, I would appreciate if anyone could help me get through the below query from Engineers Australia. Thank you in advance. " We have identified that your career episodes 1 and 2 and project report have been copied - either from internet sources, publications or career episodes submitted to...
  20. J

    Employment Assessment Rejection

    Dear Friends, I need a help in regard to Rejected employment periods. Engineer's Australia rejected my Employment reference due to Low salary. It was in year 2017. Now I wish to apply for reassessment. So, is there any chance to get it assessed and get my points for rejected period.? Please...