1. Manoj Kumar


    Hello, I am looking forward to avail the service of 'Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment'. I am a Mechanical Engineer who has been working in India since 3.5 years. I got a positive outcome in Educational Qualification Assessment, and my profession is relevant to my Bachelors...
  2. intelo

    General Claiming the points for experience obtained before clearing backlog

    Hi All, I'm in a tricky situation. I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering during May 2008- May 2012. However, I had one pending backlog which I cleared only in October 2013. I have been working from June 2012 (immediately after the college, but before clearing the last backlog)...
  3. Nafis_Arefin

    EA Need to sit for English exam?

    I want to assess my Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering degree (accredited by Washington Accord, completed overseas). I am currently pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engineering onshore. My IELTS expired 3 months back. Do I need to sit for English test again? EA enquiry team mentioned that it...
  4. C

    CDR Only EA Skills Assessment - Gap & Irrelevant Work Experience in Resume

    Hi everyone, I am applying for CDR Only assessment for Engineers Australia. I have 2 years gap post bachelors and 2 years irrelevant work experience. In the 2 years gap I prepared for Banks and government exams. I will add 2 year work experience that I have, however I am thinking of not...
  5. X

    EA If my engineering degree is an accredited program under the Washington Accord, do I have to do all that CDR stuff and career episodes?

    I have an Australian degree which is accredited by Engineers Australia under the Washington Accord. So I presume I can apply under the Australian Qualification Pathway or the Washington Accord Pathway. Given this, will I have to do all that CDR stuff and Career Episodes stuff? Also, does this...
  6. H

    Washington accord same as ABET ?

    Could any one provide me feedback, if ABET is considered equivalent to Washington accord for migration assessment by Engineers Australia ?
  7. Ashish

    Assessment with or without work experience - choice between ACS and Engineers Australia

    Hi, I am planning to migrate to Australia in near future.I am having certain questions relating to my Educational qualification and Work Experience. I have completed my Engineering degree in the year 2008 in Mechanical and Automation and presently 29 years of age. I started my career as...
  8. H

    Required documents for Engineers Australia Assessment

    Hi, What are the documents that are needed for Employment Assessment by Engineers Australia?
  9. S

    Unusual email from Engineers Australia long after receiving assessment

    Dear Admin, Today suddenly i got the following e-mail from [email protected]. but i got my outcome at 2 months ago. then why this mail they sent to me , i can't understand. another thing is that, today is Saturday, that means not a business day also. pls let me explain, where...
  10. S

    Difference between educational assessment and work experience assessment

    Dear Admin, I have the following question: 1) in the forum, everybody wrote assessment report is positive, but in my assessment report i didn't found the word"positive" or "Negative". in EA website i found "Assessment Grand" & in the outcome there only simply write, Your qualification...