english test

  1. T

    Updating english test

    I have a PTE test done on March 25, 2019. I have lodged EOI but still haven't received an invite. I did get an invite for 189 but will have to wait for it to expire on March 22 to update the points - still same points. On March 25, 2022, it will be the 36th month validity of the PTE score...
  2. K

    Retaking English Test

    What if I consider to retake english test and then the result happen to be the same (or worst case I get lower marks for the 2nd time), should I use that latest (2nd) result for my EOI or can I still use the existing one (1st result)? Thanks!
  3. Shalini choudhary

    Can the primary applicant expect an invitation if he claims partner's skill points and the partner's IELTS has expired

    If someone is claiming partnerskill points but now IELTS has been expired then still the primary applicant can expect the invite from DIBP or State.
  4. R

    PTE academic

    I took pte almost 2 times every time ending up with a score of 72 need that 6 points to claim 20 for visa . I have tried with following website such as e2e academic pte plus still I’m remaining same Anyguide can help me to crack that additional 7-8 points required to crack that 79 benchmark