eoi 189

  1. Nitish_m

    Claiming concurrent employments in EOI

    Hello All, Re: Claiming concurrent employments in EOI I need suggestions regarding concurrent employment in the same time frame. I have the following work experience: Company A: 01/01/2020 to 30/11/2021 Company B: 01/10/2021 to current. Positive ACS Skill Assessment: Company A: 01/2020 to...
  2. T


    Late 2021, we have applied for a 491 visa after receiving invitation and up to now, still waiting for a response. Few days ago, we have received an invitation for a 189 PR visa (EOI I made in 2020), invited with 90 points. Upon review, there will only be 85 points truly as I have ticked 1 item...
  3. M

    Will 'Date of Effect' be changed if I change one of my experiences to non-relevant but the total points remain the same?

    Hi there, I've submitted my EOI with 85 points. As my 1-year experience was completed last in Dec/2021 the total points increased to 90 automatically with this date of effect. I have 3 months experience in one company and 1.2 (ongoing) year experience in my current company. I now suspect that...
  4. Nuwan Fonseka

    Electrical engineer 189

    What are the chances of getting invited for 189 with 90 points ( occupation Electrical Engineer) DOE 19/01/2021?
  5. Luciano77

    Subclass 190 Claiming 15pts. with education history on EOI with a TRA Skill Assessment

    Well, I got a Succefull Skill assesment as Fitter (general). To get this assesment succesful, I used my first qualification which is Maintenance Technician and also I sent the Bachelor Degree on maintenance (I got this Bachelor Degree in Chile), and the outcome letter from the Skill Assessment...
  6. K

    Subclass 189 Chances of Invite

    Hi, your reply is so important for me and thank you in advance, my question is what are my chances of invite based on the following information: 1. EOI submission ---> 30Septmeber-2019 2. Points for 189 ----> 85Points 3. ANZCODE ----> 263311 (Telecommunication Engineering Professionals) //...
  7. kalpesh

    CPA Accounting employment assesment.

    Hi Everyone, I am pretty new here. Good to see everyone sharing their valuable knowledge and experience. I already have a positive assessment of 2.5 year for assistant accounting in Australia, Now I am working for an another company as an Assistant accountant. My question is what are the...
  8. K

    Subclass 189 Claim NAATI points in EOI Upfront before result

    Can we claim NAATI 5 points in EOI before result is released. I just got to know, If it is the date they issue the result/certificate (in future) falls beyond your invitation date then we should be good else, we might be in trouble. Is this true ? Experts please advise with relevant...
  9. T

    Employment History for EOI

    Hi MysticRiver and everyone, In the section of Employment History for EOI; 1. Do I have to put all employment for the last 10 years including casual, relevant/irrelevant to my nominated occupation? 2. I have a total of 7 years experience, however, the first year of my employment is already past...
  10. N

    Subclass 189 189 EOI statuses explaination

    I am checking the EOI log data in SkillSelect 189 visa submission data, namely Submitted, Lodged, Invited and Hold. I am wondering what's the difference among them?
  11. A

    Any chance of getting 189 Invitation For a CHEF at 85 Points

    Anyone got an invitation for CHEF at 85 Points for 189.? Any chances? I have 85 points, without any state points.
  12. A

    Occupation name differs from current visa

    HI I'm presently on 482 with Code ICT Business Analyst - 261111 However I'm planning to apply for 189. I have completed by skills assessment with occupation code 261313 - Software Engineer and waiting for an invite. If I receive an invitation and when the application is processed will this...
  13. P

    Employment History Breakdown for Claiming Points

    Hi, While filling the EOI, should I split my employment 1 day before the date mentioned in my ACS assessment to claim the correct points? My situation is that ACS gives a date which fall within one employment. ACS has only 1 line item so I am confused. Date after which ACS considers: 24 Feb...
  14. jattavalgill123

    Two different 189 EOIs with different points

    Hi, I am an Agricultural Engineer ans have applied for two EOIs of 189 visa with points 90 and 95. I have already recieved invitation for 95 points EOI. So I have included 5 points of work experience in which I was working as an Agricultural Sales Representative. Now I am not sure if my work...
  15. I

    Is 75 points for chef enough to get invited? (including points as single)

    Hi Everyone! I want to ask if 75 point is enough to get invited as a chef? I submitted my eoi last June and edited last November does it affect as well? Im really stressing out now as my visa will finish soon and still havent get invite.
  16. Himanish Lekhi

    2019-2020 Same EOI can be applied twice?

    Hi everyone, I would like to know if we can apply same EOI under the same occupation and same visa more than once. Actually, I applied my 189 visa under ICT security specialist through lawyer. However, I think I should apply it by my own too to go safe side. is it okay to apply EOI with same...
  17. K

    Waiting 189 invitation.

    Hi my name is Kader and I would like to know some information regarding to 189 Invitation as I have 85points for Telecommunication Engineering DOE 30/09/2019. Points: Qualification: 15 Age: 30 Naati: 5 English: 20 Experience: 5 Martial Status: 10 Total: 85points. DOE : 30/09/2019. What is...
  18. Hasan.gharaibeh

    NSW Can I apply for visa (class-400) while I am waiting for PR invitation ?

    Hi, I have applied for EOI and still waiting the invitation and hopefully I can get it before my current visa will run out, I am on visa (class 485) this will expire soon, I was thinking to apply for visa ( class-400 ) while I can wait for my invitation lawfully, thoughts? Visa 400...
  19. G

    Subclass 189 Separate EOI for 190 and 189

    Hi, Can someone please help me? I received 190 nominations from NSW last month. Due to ACS employment negative skill assessment result, now my 190 will be invalid because ACS didn't access my employment. Now I have removed my employment points from my EOI and I have got 90 points in total after...
  20. R

    EOI submitted with 75 points (189) -233512

    Hello friends, I have submitted my EOI with 75 points for 189 visa. Following are the queries i have in this regard 1. I understand that if my spouse proves her English competence i can claim 5 points and if her skill assessment is successful i can claim 10 more points. Is my understanding...