eoi 190

  1. M

    General 70 points Electrical engineer state nomination 2020

    which state that don't require job offer and are inviting electrical engineers with 70 points with 3.5 years experience in 2020 ? any suggestion please ?
  2. I

    Is 75 points for chef enough to get invited? (including points as single)

    Hi Everyone! I want to ask if 75 point is enough to get invited as a chef? I submitted my eoi last June and edited last November does it affect as well? Im really stressing out now as my visa will finish soon and still havent get invite.
  3. S

    EOI partner question

    Just would like to know for the question * Are there any family members the client would like to include in a future application? should I choose no if only my husband will be included in the future application? Thanks.
  4. Kii

    190 Software Tester (261314)

    Hi, I recently applied for a 190 visa QLD for Software Tester on 25/11/2019. The sol says: 261314 Software Tester Require 70 points; and Require minimum post-qualification work experience of 3 years (including 6 months in Queensland) in accordance with ACS skills assessment Now the...
  5. R

    2019-2020 190 EOI Post Graduate Alumni

    Hi there, I have put an EOI for QLD 190. My concern is regarding the finish date of the Master's degree which I have missed in EOI, but I want to claim it as Post Graduate Alumni. I was wondering if it would be a problem. As I have only put the start date for Masters. Is there any way it can be...
  6. P

    NSW NSW 190 invitation round November 2019

    I am wondering if everyone has any news regarding NSW 190 invitation after the new points system has taken place on Nov 16. My occupation is graphic designer (Medium on NSW occupations list). Anyone has received an invitation on a similar occupation, or any in the last a couple of months? EOI...
  7. G

    Subclass 189 Separate EOI for 190 and 189

    Hi, Can someone please help me? I received 190 nominations from NSW last month. Due to ACS employment negative skill assessment result, now my 190 will be invalid because ACS didn't access my employment. Now I have removed my employment points from my EOI and I have got 90 points in total after...
  8. M

    Valid eoi with expired acs

    Hello there i have a valid eoi while my acs assessment was expired acouple of months ago. Will i need to get renewal for my acs in order to have my eoi seen from authorities or since i submitted with a valid one then it will work? My lawyer says no one will look on my eoi since the acs is...
  9. M

    Subclass 190 Necessity of a job offer for 190 visa

    I have gained 80 points for 190 PR visa under 261313 occupation on 7th July 2019. Is is mandatory to have a job offer to get invited from NSW/Victoria states?
  10. B

    190 EOI timelines for VIC/NSW/QLD

    hi folks Looking to understand expected timelines for SC190 state sponsorship assessment, invite and visa, EOI and nomination submitted on 30/06/2019 Points: 75 including sponsorship States submitted: VIC, NSW & QLD ANZCO: Analyst Programmer 261311 Any information or direction would be...
  11. S

    ACS Work experience after assessment

    Hello everyone, Can someone please help me understand this. Say I have submitted my assessment to ACS for work experience from Jan 2000 to Dec 2014. ACS dedcucted 2 years and said Jan 2012 to Dec 2014 is usable for EOI. However by the mean time I have accumulated more experience. Can I use...
  12. G

    Skill Select update

    Hi, I have submitted an EOI about 2 months ago with currently 75 points. In 20 days I’ll finish the Professional Year and will be able to claim 5 extra points. My question is, can I go to my EOI and update my points considering I’m 20 days away to actually completed the Professional Year? As...
  13. M

    Re-submit existing EOI

    I applied for the 189 and 190 - VIC categories through a migration agent in my country. They were the ones who submitted the EOIs on behalf of us and they're not allowing us to have access to see, edit or cancel it. Our experience with them has been very bad (bad attitude and we lost 5 points by...
  14. J

    Received invitation- provided wrong work duration for unrelated work experience

    Hi there, I recently just received invitation for 190. However, I found that I provide wrong working duration on one of unrelated work experience when i did my EOI,and now the EOI has been locked. I do not claimed any award point from this work, so does it will effect my visa application? And...
  15. J

    Received invitation but put incorrect date in unrelated work experience in EOI

    hi everyone, I just found that I gave a wrong unrelated work experience date, but it doesn't affect any point that i claimed, so I did change the date on my application. and after I checked Mr. MysticRiver's post, It should not affect my visa. Should I mention this mistake on my Form 80 and...
  16. Illusionist90

    NSW Electronics or telecommunication Engineer with 70+5 points for 190 NSW has better chances?

    Does Electronics Engineer or Telecommunication Engineer with 70 + 5 (state sponsorship) =75 has better chances to get invitation after new financial year 2019? Electronics or telecommunication Engineer please post here if you are waiting or already got invitation. This will be very helpful for...
  17. M

    Should I go for ACS assessment this year or next year if I have 7 years relevant work experience?

    My timeline & current status: Age: 36 2006 Completed Bachelors (Computer Science) India 2006-2008 Relevant work experience (2 years) India 2008-2010 Studied Master in Computer Science (2 years) United States 2010- present Relevant work experience (9 years) in India PTE with 79+ (Superior) I am...
  18. M

    Chance of invitation with 75 points in subclass 190

    Hi I have 75 points and I have submitted EOI for 190 visa. I submitted EOI on 05/04 and did not receive EOI in April's round. Heard from friends that no more EIOs are being issued to engineers unless you have more than 80 points, please advise.
  19. Baljeet

    Subclass 190 Updating Job code in the EOI

    Hi Guys, Could you please confirm on the query regarding updating the job code in the current valid EOI. 1. Positive Assessment on 261313 - Dec 2018 2. EOI subclass 190 on 261313. 3. Positive assessment on 261312 in February. 4. Can we update this new job code in the old EOI. Will there be an...
  20. S

    VIC Victorian state nomination commitment

    What happens if one gets Victorian state nomination and got 190 Visa ..but not able to find a job offer in Victoria within two year of compulsory stay in the nominated occupation? Is it possible to go to other state if a job is offered there without completing 2 years of compulsory stay in the...