eoi 491

  1. Zarinabanu

    EOI results(2023) for Occupation Software Engineer, Subclass 189/190/491 ?

    Hello Mates, I am very curious to know about the cut off for the Occupation Software Engineer, Subclass 189/190/491, kindly please help to know about the update for it.
  2. kayanaths

    skill select

    I have completed my assessment and technical interview from vetassess for trade TOOLMAKER-ANZSCO 323412 after this i have applied for 491 EOI on April 25 2023 with total points 75 when will i receive the invitation. can any one help me with this like what the time line for invitation. Thank you
  3. Jay90

    General Does Letting go of 491 invite reduce the chance of getting it again or not

    Hello guys 👋 I submitted EOIs for subclasses 189, 190 as well as 491 s to other territories. I am worried if I let go 491( if I get one ) waiting for a 190 or 189, I won’t get invited again for 491 for the same territory. So, letting go a 491 invite reduces the chances to get another 491 or...
  4. M

    NT 190 and 491 EoI Updates (NT)

    Hi, Just looking to see if anyone here is in the same boat as me and to share updates. I applied onshore for NT 190 and 491 nomination at the start of April. I thought it would be processed in about a month (the 190 part anyway) being a resident, but it is still "awaiting admin review". I...
  5. Tanima

    Part time Work Experience when logding EOI - Skillselect

    HI, I had a question about Skill select EOI 491 NSW. I already have gotten my skills assessment (VETASSES) after 1.5 years of a full-time job but enrolled in another course to extend my visa. As I have been on a student visa since 2020, I have been working only part-time in my nominated...
  6. nik_asp_nt

    NT 190/491 2020-21 full allocation

    Hello everybody, I'm planning to apply for 190/491 in the near future and currently waiting for my skill assessment from ACS. However, when I checked NT state sponsorship page yesterday, I found that NT government has temporarily stopped both 190 and 491 due to very limited number of seats...