eoi inquiry

  1. artixmaze

    Received my ACS result, query on Education Qualification filing for EOI.

    Hi Team. I have recently completed ACS Assessment and I received a positive result for the same. " Your Bachelor of Science Computer Systems Engineering from ____University completed March 2011 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in computing " . My issue...
  2. daman277

    Subclass 189 Query regarding EOIs. (It's important)

    Hi, I have a doubt regarding the lodgment of EOI. As I was assessed as a Professional Electrical Engineer by Engineers Australia, but they didn't assessed my work experience as I am working as an Electrical Engineer in a private company since July 2019. I had a history of employment as a...
  3. N

    Forgetten PW - Skill Select Account

    Hi all, I received an email last Friday saying that "Please be advised that you have received a message in your SkillSelect Mailbox Account." However, I could not remember my password or my answers to the security questions. When I returned back to the front page by trying to guess my...
  4. C

    Subclass 189 Inquiry: Employment History Assessment v. EOI

    @MysticRiver Good Day! I have an employment history inquiry with regards the EOI i recently lodge versus the assessment I received from (CPAA). In the Cert. of Employment I have submitted to the assessing body, one of the post I had from 06/16 to 08/17 is Junior FBP then later on Senior FBP role...