eoi points

  1. daman277

    Subclass 189 Query regarding EOIs. (It's important)

    Hi, I have a doubt regarding the lodgment of EOI. As I was assessed as a Professional Electrical Engineer by Engineers Australia, but they didn't assessed my work experience as I am working as an Electrical Engineer in a private company since July 2019. I had a history of employment as a...
  2. H

    QLD EOI claiming work experience.

    I got QLD visa 491 nominated by QLD. I claimed work experience that already passed skill assessment.. However, I don't have enough document for this experience. I got payslip, contract, reference letter. Anything else I need to provide? Can I explain that this work is tax fully paid , so i...
  3. Tanima

    Part time Work Experience when logding EOI - Skillselect

    HI, I had a question about Skill select EOI 491 NSW. I already have gotten my skills assessment (VETASSES) after 1.5 years of a full-time job but enrolled in another course to extend my visa. As I have been on a student visa since 2020, I have been working only part-time in my nominated...
  4. A

    Subclass 189 EOI Points not updated automatically after completion of 5 years

    Hello All, I am applying for Subclass 189 Visa for 261312 (Developer Programmer). I currently have 75 points. In my skill assessment it was written (after 2 years deduction): The following employment after May 2014 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant...
  5. Illusionist90

    NSW Electronics Engineer with 75 points(including SS) chances for getting 190SC for NSW

    Hi there What are the chances for Electronics Engineer with 75 points (including 5 state points for getting 190 NSW visa? My EOI date is 20/02/2019. Anybody here/anybody you know got invitation recenly with this point. Please let me know. It will definitely help many people. Thanks My EOI...
  6. J

    Can i apply for EOI without skill assessment?

    Hi everyone, this may sound like bit senseless but i want to know if i can file for EOI with 65 points right now as Telecommunication engineer (263311) or Electronics engineering( 233411) without a skill assessment and PTE results? For 189 or 190 visa. I have a bachelors in Electronics and...
  7. A

    Subclass 190 EOI and VISA application - Doubts related to primary and secondary applicant

    I want to apply for EOI and then for VISA application along with my wife. I have below doubts regarding the same: 1. Can I change primary applicant to secondary and secondary applicant to primary later after submitting the EOI? 2. Does medical tests happen for both primary and secondary...
  8. S

    Computer network - 75 - 189

    Hi, Could you please tell me how much confident I should feel of getting an invite with 75 points. I had submitted EOI on 19 Mar. As far as I know, there might be some changes starting June/July. Do I stand any chance? Thanks Sab
  9. S

    Couldn't claim 5 points for Partner's skills

    Hi there. I had submitted an EOI for subclass 189 visa. We both did our skills assessed by relevant agencies and both of out occupations are listed as MLTSSL. My occupation is assessed for Engineering Technologist and my partner's one is for University Lecturer. Apart from this my partner meets...
  10. A

    Subclass 189 Australian Study Requirement

    Hi Everyone! I have submitted EOI (visa 189) in July 2017 for 263311 with 60 points atm. I have a skills assessment from EA for my bachelors degree already. Currently, I am pursing a Masters degree in Data Science from UniSA, in Adelaide. (CRICOS registered 104 weeks) It will finish on 31st Dec...
  11. E

    EOI Points for Age

    Hi, I just submit my EOI and it shows I have 70 Points under Accountant (General). I am turning 33 on 21 December. Will my EOI automatically remove 5 points or will things stay on 70 points after my birthday? Hoping points will be locked on submit of EOI. Etienne
  12. S

    Submitting EOI for 189 & 190

    Team, After a 2 month wait, I have got positive ACS outcome. Now, I have few queries regarding the submission of EOI, 1) Can I submit multiple EOI's one for 189 one for 190 and another for 489 ? 2) Can I edit the EOI after the submission ? Because, I have got 65+ in PTE, hopefully I will be...
  13. S

    What is that Visa Date of Effect ? :D

    What is the Visa Date of Effect which is mentioned in the last column of SkillSet invitation round result in the below link ? https://www.migrationdesk.com/threads/skillselect-invitation-5th-round-result-6th-september-2017.42897/ For instance, Occupation identification 2613 - Visa Date of...
  14. B


    Hi Guys, Have a question regarding EOI points I have completed my Masters in I.T (System Analyst) and Professional year in Australia and after getting a positive skill assessment from ACS have submitted my EOI on September 2016 in ANZCO code 261112. During the same time I have started working...