1. B

    Re-submitting EOI for each states

    Hi, I'm an offshore applicant.My agent has submitted several EOI for all the states under subclass 190,491 2020 November. But still, I haven't received any feedback from the agent because till recent the offshore applications was not considered. I feel that my agent is not much giving me...
  2. intelo

    General Claiming the points for experience obtained before clearing backlog

    Hi All, I'm in a tricky situation. I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering during May 2008- May 2012. However, I had one pending backlog which I cleared only in October 2013. I have been working from June 2012 (immediately after the college, but before clearing the last backlog)...
  3. N

    EOI submitted but requirements have changed since. Do I suspend or leave as is?

    Hi there, I am offshore but lodged an EOI a few months back for a 190 visa (just so that It was pending) but since Friday, that particular state (NSW) has changed the requirements so that only people residing for 3 months in the state are eligible. If i was to get an invite now I wouldn't meet...
  4. M

    Will 'Date of Effect' be changed if I change one of my experiences to non-relevant but the total points remain the same?

    Hi there, I've submitted my EOI with 85 points. As my 1-year experience was completed last in Dec/2021 the total points increased to 90 automatically with this date of effect. I have 3 months experience in one company and 1.2 (ongoing) year experience in my current company. I now suspect that...
  5. N

    Subclass 190 SkillSelect Notification - EOI

    Hi @MysticRiver @mohsinciddiki and others, With the below notification updated on SkillSelect a few days ago, had a query regarding EOI submission, and would be great if someone can clarify. Does the below note entitle to submit EOI for any code under the ANZSCO Unit group? Essentially, can I...
  6. A

    work evidence

    Hi, @MysticRiver I was working/ helping in my cousins business for one year (not related to my occupation). as it is family business i do not have any document or salary proof Not motioned this duration in eoi However I include this in my CV 1)Do i need to mention in eoi 2)what kind of...
  7. adhikarivj

    Chances of getting invite ANZSCO Code 261313 (Software Engineer).

    what's are the chances of getting invite in ANZSCO Code 261313 (Soft􏰄ware Engineer) - 189 - 90 points 190 - 95 points EOI updated - 29/11/2020
  8. Luciano77

    Subclass 190 Claiming 15pts. with education history on EOI with a TRA Skill Assessment

    Well, I got a Succefull Skill assesment as Fitter (general). To get this assesment succesful, I used my first qualification which is Maintenance Technician and also I sent the Bachelor Degree on maintenance (I got this Bachelor Degree in Chile), and the outcome letter from the Skill Assessment...
  9. K

    Subclass 189 Chances of Invite

    Hi, your reply is so important for me and thank you in advance, my question is what are my chances of invite based on the following information: 1. EOI submission ---> 30Septmeber-2019 2. Points for 189 ----> 85Points 3. ANZCODE ----> 263311 (Telecommunication Engineering Professionals) //...
  10. jassigill

    I have a question regarding including partner in the visa?

    I want to include my husband in my application. I did tick yes for the "Would the client be accompanied by their partner in a future application?" Then I am not sure about the second question. If I tick the thing , it does says you may include your partner or your child. So, I tick this yes as...
  11. Kii

    Subclass 190 Are there any family members client would like to include in future applications?

    Hello, I was lodging my EOI. I got confused in one of the questions: Are there any family members client would like to include in future applications? Following is my condition: - I am married and my wife is with me in Australia. - I have marked "Yes" in the question "Would the client be...
  12. T

    Confusion on Employment Start Date and Relevance

    Hi, I was in my first company as Software Engineer from Apr 2010-Apr 2015 and ACS has given me date of relevance from 7th Jul 2012 which is fine. In the EOI submission form, it shows that mark Related Employment as "Yes" or "No" if it is related with my role "Software Engineer". I've split my...
  13. C

    EOI Education History - Masters of Environment

    Hi, I have undertaken a Master of Environment in Australia. I'm applying as an Environmental Consultant for which VETASSESS has already provided a POSITIVE Skills Assessment Outcome. My Masters was assessed as comparable to the educational level of an AQF Master degree, and the "Field of study...
  14. A

    Any chance of getting 189 Invitation For a CHEF at 85 Points

    Anyone got an invitation for CHEF at 85 Points for 189.? Any chances? I have 85 points, without any state points.
  15. A

    Registered Nurse (Aged Care) - ANZSCO 254412

    I have lodged the EOI for Registered Nurse (Aged Care) - ANZSCO 254412 on 27 April 2020 with 80 points for 189 and 85 for 190 in NSW. does anyone have any idea when to expect the reply for an invite from the department? and what are my chances?
  16. N

    Can we update the NAATI Score later in EOI?

    Hi, I am planning to file the EoI on 15th April, 2020. I have registered for NAATI test also which will be held in 1st Sept, 2020. My query is if I don't mention about NAATI in EOI on 15th April and if I pass my NAATI in Sept,2020, can I update my EoI in Sept, 2020 once I receive NAATI result...
  17. A

    Few questions about submitting the EOI

    Hello there, I'm currently working as an electronics engineer and have 80 points with 65+ in PTE. I'm planning to do the exam again and get 79+. But in the meantime, I'm going to submit an EOI. I'm planning to apply for 189 and 190 visas. I currently reside in QLD and would prefer to stay here...
  18. T

    189 invited to apply

    Hi all, I am nominated for 189 visa with total points of 90. 5 of these points is for 3 years work experience (20 hours per week) that I gained during my Ph.D. I used to work on a joint industry project (sponsored by 5 major international energy companies like BP and Shell) and getting money...
  19. S

    Job change before Eoi results

    Hi guys, I've lodged my Eoi for 190 and 491 as Financial Analyst. However, I've got something else that I'm considering atm as a Procurement Analyst. Would that affect my application. I've already done my skill assessment btw. Thanks soo much
  20. C

    EOI Timelines

    Hi, I submitted my EOI with 65 points in June 2018. Is there in chance of getting an invite in future ? Could anyone please revert back on this.