1. T

    NSW Have anyone missed invitation email?

    I just found that I had recieved the NSW State nomination back in January. I was furious why I was not getting invitation, I also used to constantly check and search in email but I dont know how I missed it, even though searching with diff keyword “skill”, “skill select”that email didnt came in...
  2. U

    Subclass 190 Years of working experience. Vetassess vs EOI

    Hello family, I have an urgent migration question for years of working experience. The skill assessment authority requires my occupation to have at least 1 year of working experience post qualification, which I have obtained a positive result (I have 5 years but in my case they assessed the...
  3. O

    Relevant Employment EOI

    Hi, I got a question regarding EOI employment history. I send and EOI to NSW for 190 on Research and Development Manager occupation. I got a Vetassess skill assessment and 2 year relevant skilled employment was assessed. In my EOI my advisor suggested that we add those 2 years as relevant but I...
  4. N

    189 wrong date for relevant date on eoi

    Hi! Anyone have the same case as me? I put the date for employment (relevant) wrong on eoi, instead of 7 october 2020 i put 6 october 2020 (following my skill assessment date, might be because my payslip start on the 6th). And i didn’t update my eoi so my workplace still the old one when I...
  5. P

    Updating skill assessment after expired EOI invite 189

    Hi all, I have just received an invite to 189 and I also have just found out that I have not paid attention to my skill assessment reference number. First skill assessment outcome letter from Engineers Australia came up in July 2019. So, by now that means this outcome letter is already expired...
  6. Prabhashi

    Eductaion History in EoI

    Hi, I completed Diploma of Engineering at Deakin College and then transferred to Deakin University for 2nd year studies. Is including only Bachelor's degree in the education history enough when filling EoI or Do I have to include both Diploma and Bachelor's degree? Your help will be much...
  7. A

    EOI end date for work

    Hi I received a skill assessment with 6 years of work experience in February 2021. I submitted an EOI without an end date because I working there until now. So, now Skill Select recognizes my work experience as 8 years and gives me 5 more points. Recently, I received an invitation for a visa...
  8. H

    Change in Nominated Occupation AFTER EOI submisison.

    Hi hive mind. I wondered if I could ask for some advice. I am a radiologist currently on general registration with Ahpra. I have sat exams and am hoping to get specialist registration with Ahpra by the end of the year, or early Jan 2023. I could submit an EOI now with my general registration...
  9. Ali.maqsood

    Work Experience Points clain

    Hi., i got positive skill assessment from Engineer Australia. and have pte with 65 each. have 8 years work experience but no 3rd party evidence like EOBI, INCOME TAX RETURNS, BANK STATEMENTS. I only have experience letter. can i claim my points of work experience while submitting EOI for 491 visa.
  10. S

    EA EOI Qualification, Honours or Bachelors

    Hi, I have an engineering degree (B.Sc. Hons) accredited by the Washington Accord. So I selected "Honours Degree in Science, Business or Technology" as my Qualification when submitting my EOI. But recently, I realised in the EA outcome letter AQF Level is specified as "Bachelor Degree". (The...
  11. B

    Re-submitting EOI for each states

    Hi, I'm an offshore applicant.My agent has submitted several EOI for all the states under subclass 190,491 2020 November. But still, I haven't received any feedback from the agent because till recent the offshore applications was not considered. I feel that my agent is not much giving me...
  12. intelo

    General Claiming the points for experience obtained before clearing backlog

    Hi All, I'm in a tricky situation. I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering during May 2008- May 2012. However, I had one pending backlog which I cleared only in October 2013. I have been working from June 2012 (immediately after the college, but before clearing the last backlog)...
  13. N

    EOI submitted but requirements have changed since. Do I suspend or leave as is?

    Hi there, I am offshore but lodged an EOI a few months back for a 190 visa (just so that It was pending) but since Friday, that particular state (NSW) has changed the requirements so that only people residing for 3 months in the state are eligible. If i was to get an invite now I wouldn't meet...
  14. M

    Will 'Date of Effect' be changed if I change one of my experiences to non-relevant but the total points remain the same?

    Hi there, I've submitted my EOI with 85 points. As my 1-year experience was completed last in Dec/2021 the total points increased to 90 automatically with this date of effect. I have 3 months experience in one company and 1.2 (ongoing) year experience in my current company. I now suspect that...
  15. N

    Subclass 190 SkillSelect Notification - EOI

    Hi @MysticRiver @mohsinciddiki and others, With the below notification updated on SkillSelect a few days ago, had a query regarding EOI submission, and would be great if someone can clarify. Does the below note entitle to submit EOI for any code under the ANZSCO Unit group? Essentially, can I...
  16. A

    work evidence

    Hi, @MysticRiver I was working/ helping in my cousins business for one year (not related to my occupation). as it is family business i do not have any document or salary proof Not motioned this duration in eoi However I include this in my CV 1)Do i need to mention in eoi 2)what kind of...
  17. adhikarivj

    Chances of getting invite ANZSCO Code 261313 (Software Engineer).

    what's are the chances of getting invite in ANZSCO Code 261313 (Soft􏰄ware Engineer) - 189 - 90 points 190 - 95 points EOI updated - 29/11/2020
  18. Luciano77

    Subclass 190 Claiming 15pts. with education history on EOI with a TRA Skill Assessment

    Well, I got a Succefull Skill assesment as Fitter (general). To get this assesment succesful, I used my first qualification which is Maintenance Technician and also I sent the Bachelor Degree on maintenance (I got this Bachelor Degree in Chile), and the outcome letter from the Skill Assessment...
  19. K

    Subclass 189 Chances of Invite

    Hi, your reply is so important for me and thank you in advance, my question is what are my chances of invite based on the following information: 1. EOI submission ---> 30Septmeber-2019 2. Points for 189 ----> 85Points 3. ANZCODE ----> 263311 (Telecommunication Engineering Professionals) //...
  20. jassigill

    I have a question regarding including partner in the visa?

    I want to include my husband in my application. I did tick yes for the "Would the client be accompanied by their partner in a future application?" Then I am not sure about the second question. If I tick the thing , it does says you may include your partner or your child. So, I tick this yes as...