1. H

    Renewed passport after EOI application. Do I need to file a new EOI?

    Hi Team, I have filed an 189 and 190 EOI in May 2019 and renewed my passport in Sep 2019. So the EOI has my old passport details. In this case, do I need to file a new EOI as there is no passport update request in EOI. Or shall I wait for Invite and then share new passport details?
  2. Fbaz

    Subclass 489 FS Will they check job experience after a Positive vetasses skill assessment

    Good Evening everybody, just I quick and simple question: If I do have enough proves (bank statements) to prove my job experience for a VETASSESS assesment (restaurant manager) but not enough (no payslip or tax record) in case after my EOI the government double check my job experience. If I...
  3. T

    You have received a message in SkillSelect

    Hey All, I just received this email "You have received a message in SkillSelect" from: [email protected] However, I've already received my pr in Dec2018, and I cant login to skill select. It says "The supplied EOI reference number cannot be matched to a username.". Any ideas? Cheers,
  4. S

    EOI submitted with 75 points (189) | 80 points (190) - 261313 Software Engineer

    G'day, Apologies if this has been asked or answered in other forum- I have applied for software engineering (261313) in August 2019 with 75 points for 189 visa and 80 points for 190 (VIC). Can claim another 5 points for partner English post Nov changes in place and 5 points for Experience by...
  5. Typewriter

    Subclass 190 Reference number / receipt number (VETASSESS)

    Hi, In Skillselect, at step #8, I need to enter a "reference number" from an assessing authority. I have got one from Vetassess. However, in the outcome letter there is a postfix next to the ref. number: Question: should I leave it there or keep only the "main" part of the reference number...
  6. X

    By when must you have the number of points you claimed on the EOI?

    When I claim points on a 189 EOI, do I have to have the points on the day I lodge the EOI, the day I am invited to apply, or on the day I apply for the visa after invitation? For example, let's suppose I am to graduate with a Masters by research on December the 30th. That will allow me to claim...
  7. A

    Subclass 489 SS ICT invitation(2613*) for 489 in August2019

    Hi All, I wanted to check if any of the ICT professional(esp 2613) got invite in August 2019 for QLD 489. Regards, ADC
  8. B

    190 EOI timelines for VIC/NSW/QLD

    hi folks Looking to understand expected timelines for SC190 state sponsorship assessment, invite and visa, EOI and nomination submitted on 30/06/2019 Points: 75 including sponsorship States submitted: VIC, NSW & QLD ANZCO: Analyst Programmer 261311 Any information or direction would be...
  9. G

    Skill Select update

    Hi, I have submitted an EOI about 2 months ago with currently 75 points. In 20 days I’ll finish the Professional Year and will be able to claim 5 extra points. My question is, can I go to my EOI and update my points considering I’m 20 days away to actually completed the Professional Year? As...
  10. A

    Subclass 189 EOI Points not updated automatically after completion of 5 years

    Hello All, I am applying for Subclass 189 Visa for 261312 (Developer Programmer). I currently have 75 points. In my skill assessment it was written (after 2 years deduction): The following employment after May 2014 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant...
  11. V

    261313 NSW 190 (75 pts) has anyone received invitations?

    Hello all, I am awaiting invitation from NSW with 75 pts, do I stand chance now that they have reduced the intake? I have scored 20 pts for english and also I will have extra 5 points this september. But I wish to quit my current company where I need to serve notice period of 3 months, is it...
  12. Illusionist90

    NSW Electronics or telecommunication Engineer with 70+5 points for 190 NSW has better chances?

    Does Electronics Engineer or Telecommunication Engineer with 70 + 5 (state sponsorship) =75 has better chances to get invitation after new financial year 2019? Electronics or telecommunication Engineer please post here if you are waiting or already got invitation. This will be very helpful for...
  13. Illusionist90

    NSW Electronics Engineer with 75 points(including SS) chances for getting 190SC for NSW

    Hi there What are the chances for Electronics Engineer with 75 points (including 5 state points for getting 190 NSW visa? My EOI date is 20/02/2019. Anybody here/anybody you know got invitation recenly with this point. Please let me know. It will definitely help many people. Thanks My EOI...
  14. A

    EOI including 189 and 190

    If I have already submitted an eoi in which I have selected both 189 and 190 option as YES and I do not want to change the Doe now and for that request if I have already got the preinvite for that eoi for Vic will that EOI will be sufficient to get an invite for 189 also?
  15. M

    Subclass 190 263111: Computer Network and Systems Engineer updated in Feb,2019 with 70 points

    Hi Admin, I have updated my EOI in Feb 2019 with 70 points. (Age-30 , Masters-15, study in NSW-5, 10-PTE, 5-Prof. year and 5-experience). My visa is expiring in June2019, do you think i would get 190-NSW visa before the expiry? Regards, Mehtab
  16. B

    NSW Waiting period for NSW nomination

    Hi, I have lodged my EOI in February 2019 with 70 points for NSW state nomination as a Developer Programer. Can anybody tell what is the waiting period for 70 points holders ? I am QLD graduate and currently working full time as a Developer in Qld. I could not apply for qld state nomination as...
  17. S

    Start and end date for education history

    Hi What should be my end date for education history? Should it be the official result release date or the date the degree was conferred? It is very confusing. The conferred date is 22 March 2018, Official result release ( which I put as course end date in the skills assessment form) is 27 Nov...
  18. M

    Incorrect university name in EOI

    Hi everyone... I submitted my eoi on 23rd Dec Invitation for 189 visa received on 13th jan I am busy completing my visa paperwork but found an error in my eoi. I have 4x degrees and it has them all down as Rhodes university, whereas the first two were at University of South Africa It does...
  19. T

    VIC VIC, NSW 190 EOI and 189

    Hi I have entered my EOI for 189 subclass with 70 Points, below is the breakup of points For 189 subclass Age: 25 English: 20 Education: 15 Experience: 10 Total = 70 For 190 (For NSW and VIC) Age: 25 English: 20 Education: 15 Experience: 10 Partner skills: 5 State Nomination: 5 Total = 80...
  20. P

    Subclass 190 Anyone received preinvite from NSW for occupation code 261313 Software Engineer?

    Anyone received preinvite from NSW for occupation code 261313 Software Engineer in 190 VISA subclass for Australia?