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    Engineering Technologist with 75 points

    Hi, I am an Electrical Engineer with 75 points and I have received an assessment of Engineering Technologist, and I applied for all the visas 189,190 and 491 on 26th Aug 2021! Is there any chance that I will get an invite?? And If I will how much time it will take @MysticRiver
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    Can i apply for EOI without skill assessment?

    Hi everyone, this may sound like bit senseless but i want to know if i can file for EOI with 65 points right now as Telecommunication engineer (263311) or Electronics engineering( 233411) without a skill assessment and PTE results? For 189 or 190 visa. I have a bachelors in Electronics and...
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    Subclass 190 After promotion designation is not mentioned in ACS result. Shall I mention in EOI?

    While applying for ACS, I was working at designation 1 with my current organization. After ACS result, I got promoted to designation 2 and this designation is not mentioned in ACS result. Now, I have to apply for EOI, shall I mention designation 2 or shall I keep designation 1 only in my...
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    Eoi invitation for electrical engineers under 190

    Hello, I lodged my eoi for 190 visa on 15th of October. It's been a month. I am an electrical engineer with a total of 70 points (including state points ). When can I expect my invitation from NSW.
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    Regarding 190 visa application

    Hello All, I have applied for 189 visa for software engineer in Feb,2018 with 70 points and still waiting for the invite. Is it a good idea to apply for 190 now? I am unsure if i change my EOI, the date of application for 189 will get impacted or not. I would like to know if i can create a new...
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    NSW EOI Submitted for NSW on 70 points of SUBCLASS 190 (State Nomination)

    Dears, I am having below profession and got my assessment done from ACS, I want to know, how much time it takes to get an invite with 70 points. I choose NSW in my EOI submission so what are the chances for this. Computer Network and Systems Engineer - 263111 Skilled - Nominated (Subclass 190)...