1. C

    Info Visitor Visa 600 for Parents (Sponsored family)

    Hi I have applied for visa for my parents about more than a month ago, the medical and exemption was finalised last week, how long does it take these days to get visa after the exemptions, medical and biometric.
  2. L

    Info COVID 19 International Travel

    Hi Guys, Coming straight to point so basic rule for all the PR and citizens to travel outside Australia is get an exemption (which is very hard) and travel. Recently I heard from one of my friends that If we inform the department that we won’t be coming back to Australia for at least 3 months...
  3. MysticRiver

    2017 Ministerial discretions - exemption on residency requirements

    Source: DIBP website The Minister has discretionary powers to vary the residence requirement in the following circumstances, if you will be in Australia at the time your application is decided. If you will be overseas during this period, only discretions 5 and 6 below apply. If you were in...