expression of interest

  1. K

    Info Australia PR Subclass 491 & 190

    Hello everyone, I am preparing for Australia PR, after doing the calculation I am getting 90 points for subclass 491 and for subclass 190 it is 75. Could you please guide me how can I proceed further as I am doing this whole process by self.
  2. syedwahab14

    Guide My 189 visa story

    Hi everybody, I was recently granted skilled independent visa (subclass 189). Since I did not hire any consultant for the most part, forums like migrationdesk were really helpful through the whole process. Having received the visa grant I would like to share my story for anybody who might find...
  3. S

    NSW nomination for off list occupation - Help needed

    Dear Members I have 75 Points in 489 and 70 Points in 190 . My occupation is not listed in State in Demand Occupation list but its in STSOL (Short-term Skilled Occupation List of 2017-18) , i have created two EOI's , one for all states except NSW with ( 489+190 Options ) and another for only...
  4. MysticRiver

    2016 New Zealand - the expression of interest selection pool

    The frequency and number of selections from the Pool is based on a number of factors, including: the number of places available in the Skilled/Business stream of the New Zealand Residence Programme the quality of Expressions of Interest in the Pool, and the total number of Expressions of...
  5. MysticRiver

    Guide Expression of Interest (EOI): step by step guide (Subclass 189)

    I have seen many people having problems with different fields when submitting their EOI. So, I have decided to write down and discuss step by step procedures for submitting EOI in SubClass 189. Feel free to notify about any necessary change in any portion of this tutorial. 1. Personal details...