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  1. M

    Duration of stay in regional area of eligible relative sponsor for Visa 491?

    I am planning to apply for visa 491 with relative sponsorship. My aunt had just recently bought a house and had moved to a designated regional area. What’s the minimum length of stay in regional area for my aunt to be an eligible sponsor? Also, do I have to be living in regional area before...
  2. chamitha

    489 Family Sponsor Visa Invitation August 2019

    Hi ! My date of effect for the 489 Family Sponsor EOI is on the 29/07/2019 with 85 points. During the August invitation round, it is stated that 489 visa cut off was 80 with a date of effect from 21/01/2019. Still I did not get an invitation from the August round. Is there anyone here, Who got...
  3. J

    Subclass 489 FS 489 FS on 85 points

    Hi there New to all of this, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Just lodged an EOI for a 489 FS visa on 85 points - Accountant General 221111. According to my research (and I could be very very wrong, but I'm trying to understand...) there are invitation rounds on the 11th of each...
  4. M

    General Enquiry after obtaining PR for visa subclass 190

    Hi everyone. I have a couple of questions after being nominated by VIC receiving PR for visa subclass 190. Hope you guys could help answer those that you know. Thanks! :) After I have successfully received PR for visa 190, how long will the visa allow me to find a job? Where can I find for...
  5. Abby

    Family sponsor stream visa 600

    Hello.. I have recently applied for visa 189 PR from India and have already got the first case officer contact for the application requesting a few documents. My husband is already in Australia and has a PR. now we were looking for tourist visa sponsored stream 600 so that he can sponsor me and...
  6. Y

    Feasibility of 489 family sponsored invitation at 60 points

    Hello Admin, Someone expert told me you have 60 points in 489 FS subcalls with 60 points so you will not get invitation is it true..?
  7. MysticRiver

    Rules Sub Class 489 - Family Sponsored Visa

    For Australian Immigration, there is a category if you have any certain relatives in Australia. This category, sub class 489, is similar to sub class 189, with an extra 10 added points for your relationship. However, there are some criteria to fulfill if you want to avail that opportunity. Below...