family sponsorship

  1. S

    Info Sibling sponsorship Visa option

    Hi, I am PR of Australia for 2 years now, living in Sydney. Looking to sponsor my younger brother to Australia, wanted to check what are the Visa options available. If he applies for visa category 489 or 491 will he get any extra points for sponsorship from me? Please let me know what would be...
  2. N

    Info Trying to learn about family sponsor elegibility.

    Hi me and my wife are living in australia under student visa. She has her family here, as a son in law am I eligible for family sponsor visa after i finish my studies? Thank you
  3. helpseeker94

    Rules trying to understand 491 family sponsorship visa

    Hi, I just need some information regarding 491 family sponsor visa. I have received a family sponsor visa through my relative who lives in Canberra and I have few questions before accepting this invitation. Can someone please answer them for me 1- when I get my visa approved, do I need to lock...