form 1221

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    Help with Form 1221

    I already have TSS 482 visa and I have filled TSS subsequent entry visa for my wife. I have received a request to upload Form 1221 from CO. I have few doubts. Q 22. Are you fully funding your trip? -> Should select no and write my name here? Q 23. Give details of dependents/family members...
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    2018-2019 Form 1221 question 34 for 820/801

    Hi there, I am filling out Form 1221 for an 820/801 Visa with my partner and have gotten suck on question 34. If you have applied for a visitors visa goto part J If you have applied for a business visa goto part K If you have applied for a migration visa goto part L If you have applied for a...
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    Question No 34 in form 1221 for 189 Visa

    Hello lovely people, I'm applying for 189 Visa so thought of submitting Form 1221 along with Form 80. Got stuck at question no. 34 that states: If you have applied for: - Visitor Visa - Business Visa - are a student, academic ... - migration visa I'm pretty sure the first three don't apply...
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    Subclass 189 Regarding form 80 and 1221

    Hey all. Just wondering, where is it written officially on the main website that we have to submit form 80 & 1221? If it's stated, during which stage are we suppose to submit those forms? (EOI phase or Visa Invitation phase) Thanks!
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    Missed a job in EOI and Visa application

    Hello I recently submitted my Visa application for 189 at 75 points for 261312 and I am not claiming any points of employment. As a part of EOI submission, I entered most jobs and forgot 1 (however, I am not claiming points for any of these). Since 189 application pre-fills everything from...
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    General CO asked for 1221 Form

    Hi MysticRiver , I have filed my VISA 189 application and my Case officer has asked for the below 4 documents :- Additional personal particulars-Complete Form 1221 Additional personal particulars information Personal particulars for character assessment-Complete Form 80 Police clearance...