form 16

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    EA EA has asked me for additional documents

    I have got positive assessment for CDR assessment. And now,I have lodge my relevant skill assessment. After 12 days, EA has asked to submit additional documents for my current employment. They have asked for secondary document such as below. The secondary documents your provided of ( Name of...
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    ACS different company name in reference letter & form16

    Hi all, While applying for ACS, do we need to submit any document incase my employer is acquired by another company. example : I was employed in company ABC from 2010-2012. XYZ is the subsidiary company of ABC and ABC has spun off its services into XYZ in 2015. Now, I have Form 16, Pay...
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    ACS Form16 and Payslips are not available for few years

    Hi , I'm new here... I'm a software engineer since 2010 till date, planning to apply for ACS and started collecting documents. I noticed, form16 & payslips are not available for 2010, 2012, 2014 financial years. I have the bank statements, but the employer's name is not fully visible in it. I...
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    Form 16 Part A

    During my employment with company A, I was in a non-taxable slab for 2 financial years[2010-2011 and 2011-2012]. During this period TDS was not recovered, and they have provided Form 16 Part A in Employer's own format. I did not receive form 16 Part A from TRACES for that period. Is this case...
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    Subclass 189 Is Form16 of all years mandatory?

    Hi, For my ACS assessment, I have sent proofs of employment from 2006 to current. In the result ACS considered my experience from ' after March 2010'. I got invitation and ready to apply for Visa. I only have Form16s from 2011 to till now. I have Form16s for the years before 2011. Are they...