form 80

  1. J

    Received invitation but put incorrect date in unrelated work experience in EOI

    hi everyone, I just found that I gave a wrong unrelated work experience date, but it doesn't affect any point that i claimed, so I did change the date on my application. and after I checked Mr. MysticRiver's post, It should not affect my visa. Should I mention this mistake on my Form 80 and...
  2. S

    Form 80 - Give details of all employment and unemployment

    Form 80 - I have few doubts in Question 19 "Give details of all employment and unemployment" 1)should I mention 2 days gap between joining from the first job to the second job? if yes, what should I mention in duties? 2) what should I mention in duties for 30 days gap between joining from the...
  3. S

    Form 80 - Give details of all tertiary education and qualifications

    Hi experts, I am having few doubts in Form 80 regarding Question 20 "Give details of all tertiary education and qualifications". What are all the details should I add here? Currently, I have added my bachelor's degree only. my degree was awarded by the University, and my college is...
  4. S

    Form 80 - International travel

    I have a doubt in filling Form 80 Part E – International travel / movements Have you travelled to any country other than Australia in the last 10 years? I am working in a software company and based out of India. I have travelled to Qatar on a business visa for 3 times while I was still on...
  5. T

    query regarding experiece & form 80

    Dear All Today, CO contacted me for additional document "Resume". I have a query earlier in the form 80 in employment section i have mentioned the experience from 2010 to 2018 which was assessed by EA, EA did not consider my experience from 2008 to 2010. But now in my resume my job starts from...
  6. R

    Change in an answer in Form 80

    Hi @MysticRiver @Rakshanda, I lodged my 189 Visa application on 19th December 2018 for myself and my wife. I submitted all documents except form 80 as I was in India and wanted to submit it after returning back to Australia so as to get all my travel movements. So I submitted our form 80's on...
  7. K

    Form 80 for family in 189 application

    Hi, I have just been invited to apply for the 189 visa. I am applying onshore and in rhe application i was asked to provide details of my non-migrating family unit. After completing everything, there is an option to upload Form 80 for all the family members. Should i submit their Form 80 or not...
  8. atifiqbal1985

    Travel on passport while waiting for Grant

    Hi everyone, I have lodged the visa, and waiting for my grant now. I want to know if I can apply for visa for a visa for purpose of holiday travel to any country (other than Australia), and subsequently travel once I get the visa? Since I have already uploaded Form 80 and mentioned my travels...
  9. F

    Forgot to mention an employment in the Form 80 of an already granted visa

    hi. I have been working as accountant for the last 10 months. (paid in cash+tax) in Sydney. my 485 was granted a month ago. I have 75 points will be 80 due to experience. I made a mistake of not including my accounting job in employment history in form 80 (required for 485) and was over...
  10. atifiqbal1985

    Signing Form 80 and Form 1221

    Hi everyone, While filling Forms 80 and Form 1221, there is requirement of signature at the end of the document for both myself, and partner. Since I don't wish to print and rescan all of it, can I just sign it using touchscreen laptop through Acrobat? Will that be acceptable? Someone told me...
  11. M

    Subclass 189 Form 80 - Part H Proposed travel or further stay details

    Hi, I am filling Form 80 as part of the process to obtain Visa 189. My situation is this - I do not have a target date for migrating to Australia, but I am going there on a holiday in November. What do you think I should answer for the following questions? 22. Why are you travelling to...
  12. M

    Subclass 189 Regarding form 80 and 1221

    Hey all. Just wondering, where is it written officially on the main website that we have to submit form 80 & 1221? If it's stated, during which stage are we suppose to submit those forms? (EOI phase or Visa Invitation phase) Thanks!
  13. C

    Form 80 Question - Education

    Hi All, Form 80 has been requested for me and my wife. In form 80 it states include only tertiary education. But in the Request checklist documents it states - State all your education history including primary, secondary and tertiary. So, what does primary, secondary education mean? Do I...
  14. A

    Missed a job in EOI and Visa application

    Hello I recently submitted my Visa application for 189 at 75 points for 261312 and I am not claiming any points of employment. As a part of EOI submission, I entered most jobs and forgot 1 (however, I am not claiming points for any of these). Since 189 application pre-fills everything from...
  15. K

    Form 80

    Hi Mystic River, I am filling Form 80 for me any my wife. I have few questions: CO asked for Proposed arrival date and intended residential address in Australia. I don't have this information yet - as my travel date and city is not known yet. What should I fill in such case My wife stayed in...
  16. Dileep

    Form 80, Part E: International Travel / Movements

    While filling the Form 80, I'm having a doubt regarding the completion of the Q 18, Part E - International Travel. My wife is an Indian citizen, with Indian passport. She was settled in Qatar with her parents and in the past 10 years she has made a number of visits (around 40 trips, one way)...
  17. L

    Form 80 - Last jobs

    Hey good morning! Has anyone applied recently for a skilled visa 189? I have a couple of questions: Regarding form 80, do I have to send it first? It says it is not compulsory but do I really need to send it? If so, can anyone tell if there is a guide or something to fill it up? I have so...
  18. V

    General CO asked for 1221 Form

    Hi MysticRiver , I have filed my VISA 189 application and my Case officer has asked for the below 4 documents :- Additional personal particulars-Complete Form 1221 Additional personal particulars information Personal particulars for character assessment-Complete Form 80 Police clearance...
  19. G

    Form 80 & past travel/passports

    Hey! Thanks for upkeeping this website - it has been a great source of information! I'm transitioning from a 457 to a 189 VISA (Canadian passport), and am currently getting all the paperwork ready. I just received my invitation today, so that's very exciting. I'm in the process of filling out...
  20. M

    Is Form 80 mandatory for offshore applicants

    Hi all, Please help me for the same issue, is it mandatory to upload form 80 for me & wife upon not requested by CO? Also what time approximately do I know if there any CO check my application or yet? Thanks a lot for any advice .