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    Form 80 - Q19- gap in education

    Hi all, Can anyone please advise what to write in form 80 question 19 -- unemployment: 1. From DOB until 1st employment - please advise what to write 2. All gaps between employment - provided 3. All gaps between education - please advise After 12 / high school , i had a gap of 1 year to...
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    Info Supporting documents with Form 80 / 1221

    Hi all, I recently applied for a student visa for my PhD in Australia. After submitting the application, I uploaded the required documents as per the checklist (Passport, CoE, Health Insurance, GTE Statement, and my Resume). A few days later I received an "s56 Request for More Information"...
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    Form 80 employment question/ files upload online via Immi

    Hi all, My situation: I am applying for a defacto (offshore). ➖I am unsure of a little thing in the Form 80. While I was studying and living on many visas in Australia I did work for myself under an ABN as a dancer for many years in addition to other jobs. The question require to write down all...
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    Missing pages in submitted Form 80

    Hi, I completed FORM 80 by typing in the info on my PC in the editable PDF and then printed, signed and scanned to individual images which were then compiled into a single PDF. While compiling the separate images to a PDF somehow two pages/images were not included in the resulting PDF (I am...