1. Kuta

    NSW PR grant questions

    Hello all, I’m new to this forum. I got to know about the Migration desk from a friend. I received my PR granted recently. Details in my signature. I have a couple of questions. Would any experts here please advise? I’m granted the 190 visa onshore. Does it mean my visa has already come into...
  2. C

    Offshore or Onshore

    Hi All, I've lodged my application on 12th April 2019 with 75 points but till no updates. Meanwhile I have moved to Australia on June 2019 in 482 category and updated my Australia address after that. However, my wife is still in my home country and her address remains as is. Now, do they...
  3. P

    NSW grant wait time time?

    i had applied for NSW 190 Visa on july 28th 2017, but the CO came back to me asking for the clear picture of my passport on 28th sep 11.i updated & uploaded the document. on sep 15th 2017. how long does it take for the visa grant.? Just asking.
  4. MysticRiver

    Info What does global processing time mean?

    As we know, each month DIBP publishes the global visa and citizenship processing times for the previous calendar month. It is important to understand what is the significance of that statistics. So, what do you know from the global visa and citizenship processing times? You know what is the...
  5. A

    Guide Old passport number in visa grant letter - change passport details

    Hello Mysticriver, I have a question regarding my wife's visa grant letter. Whiles our visa application was been assessed, I uploaded form 929 and all the necessary documents for a new passport (with name change due to marriage) for my wife but on my wife's visa Grant letter, her new name...
  6. MysticRiver

    Visa Grant Notifications

    Dear All, As per my knowledge, the number of existing members here have received there VISA grant in past years. We have seen different posts sharing the good news, some cases I received a personal message and of course, some might forget to share (I love to believe that happens due to the...