hap id

  1. S

    ACS 485 Post Study Skill Assessment

    Hi there, I have completed my Masters of Business Analytics in Perth and was preparing to apply for subclass 485 post-study work visa, but I am confused about the following - 1. Do I need to need to get my medicals done before applying for the visa? If yes, how do I generate HAP ID? or medical...
  2. minmin485

    Unable to use My Health Declarations due to the suspension

    I am currently applying for 485 temporary graduate visa-post study work stream,, and i need medical examination for applying 485,but i can't find "my health declaration" in my Immi account because it is temporarily suspended, so i don't have a HAP ID. Any suggestion for this case? Should i lodge...
  3. J

    Subclass 190 Can I have a medical exam with the existing hap id?

    I took a medical examination in August 2019 when applying for student visa. Now I am applying for 190 visa, and I need to take a medical examination. Can I use the same HAP id for the new exam? The new exam requires medical examination chest x-ray HIV test In my last exam, I have covered...
  4. S

    HAP ID recreation

    I have created an immi account way back in 2017. Using the account, I have generated an HAP id, but never went for a medical assessment as I did not get invited. Since it is an outdated document, can I go ahead and delete/remove the HAP Id from my immi Account, and create new HAP id?
  5. G

    Subclass 189 Documents for Visa Lodgment

    Hi guys, I am trying to generate HAP ID so that I can get my medical test done (even before I get ITA). While filling the details in Immi website, I had couple of doubts. 1) It asks for "Other Identity Documents". I have a driver's license of my home country but on that, my surname is not...
  6. A

    How much time usually it will be taken by hospitals to submit medical examination status to HAP id

    How much time usually it will be taken by hospitals to submit medical examination status to HAP id. I have completed by medical examination on 02 Nov 2018. How can track whether they have completed submitting the health examination result against the HAP ID. Is there any portal to check this?
  7. K

    How to get HAP ID? I have reference number(TRN) after submitting My Health Declaration Form.

    Hi, I have submitted Health Declaration Form, but did not see Hap Id while submitting form.I need to know my HAP ID and I have reference number (TRN) starting with 'EGO'. When I go to 'Health Assessment' link , there is just a message "A panel clinic is currently processing this person's health...
  8. N

    Health check before lodging 189&190 visa application

    Hi everyone, My husband received invitation from NSW. We want to submit all required documents when we lodge the visa (offshore) in order to increase the chances of getting the visa grant faster. I read through the DoHA website how to do medicals check up before lodging visa application (My...