1. K

    How to get HAP ID? I have reference number(TRN) after submitting My Health Declaration Form.

    Hi, I have submitted Health Declaration Form, but did not see Hap Id while submitting form.I need to know my HAP ID and I have reference number (TRN) starting with 'EGO'. When I go to 'Health Assessment' link , there is just a message "A panel clinic is currently processing this person's health...
  2. M

    my health declaration questions

    Hi, I will be applying for visa 190 (sponsored by QLD) in a matter of weeks, once my PhD gets through formally. I have two questions about Health requirements: 1) Is it really beneficial to arrange the health examination before applying for a visa? Although the official website seems to...
  3. Ramandeep

    Overall process after getting the invite (health examination, police clearance and upload documents.)

    Hi everyone, I have been invited for 189 (75 points) and now I am preparing the documents for applying the visa on ''. Now here are the main concerns that I am having. when lodging the visa file there were 17 screens where I filled all my information. In the end I was able to...
  4. Etienne

    Subclass 457 Case officer grant visa without medical clearance?

    Hi, We got a letter from our Lung Specialist to say that my wife does not have Active TB and that the cultures will be available in 4 weeks time to say what the mark on her lung is. The specialist also said in her letter she doubt it will come back as Latent TB even. The MOC/Bupa came back...
  5. A

    Health Assessment Relationship to client dropdown value

    Dear All, We have been invited to lodge the application. I clicked on the Organise health examinations, its asking me to answer a list of questions which I answered NO. Then able to take a printout for myself and my spouse. However, when I tried doing this procedure for my daughter, its...
  6. H


    dear sir, i have applied for 189 visa and co contacted me for more information. i have undergone a health examination a year ago and provided a hap id in application. now co sent me a letter for more information and said following information is required: Immigration Health Examinations (for...