help needed

  1. sharongeorger

    Subclass 189 Request for S56 from CO (Help!)

    Dear Admins / Mods, I just received a request for S56 additional information regarding my employment. What was asked for in the S56 checklist were 1) Tax Returns 2) Bank Statements 3) Superannuation information. Apart from the above info, I had submitted my employment contract letters...
  2. Umarm

    ACS Help needed- received South Australia invite with expired ACS assessment

    Hi all, I am in bit of a dilemma here and need sound advice. I had an ACS skills assessment which expired. On Aug 24th 2022, I was told by my consultant that for immigration purposes it’s valid for 3 years so I didn’t re apply for the assessment. Anyways, i went ahead and tried to apply for a...