1. A

    Is the application open now for immigration?

    I need help in finding the application for 2019 immigration
  2. coolboys2323

    Need help/info with my case for PR

    Hello Good People, I will try to keep it as short as possible as I value your time. - I am from India, 27 years of age. I did my Bachelors (B-Tech) in Electronics & Telecommunication in 2013. - But my skills and work experience (Self Employed) is not related to my B-Tech. - I am successfully...
  3. L

    General Incoming passenger card country of residence ?

    Hi , so Im from Indonesia but I was a student in Singapore for 2 years and I plan to further my study in Australia I havent been to Australia before and next month is going to be my first time to go to Australia so I was quite nervous So basically , I apply for a student visa but when they ask...
  4. divya178

    EOI submitted 6 months ago

    Hey! We submitted our EOI on August/21/2017, under 263111 (Computer Network and SystemsEngineer) of the ANZSCO Code. Points claimed were 65 under subclass 189. We haven't received our invite yet. I saw the ceiling list and this role code has only been filled by 47%. Is there any reason why it's...