how to mention work experience on eoi

  1. Tanima

    Part time Work Experience when logding EOI - Skillselect

    HI, I had a question about Skill select EOI 491 NSW. I already have gotten my skills assessment (VETASSES) after 1.5 years of a full-time job but enrolled in another course to extend my visa. As I have been on a student visa since 2020, I have been working only part-time in my nominated...
  2. nnawalage

    EOI experience: last designation or separate entries for each designation

    Hello, I am confused about how the experience should be mentioned in EOI form. I have 6 years of experience under same employer ABC in the same location but I have 5 different designations through out the period due to getting promoted. My responsibilities for all 5 designations are similar...
  3. A

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment

    Team, I applied for ACS assessment in April 2017 and got it assessed in May 2017. It states that my experience AFTER JUNE 2009 is valid and equated to Business Analyst Profession. I am with my current Employer since October 2011. When I applied for EOI, I qualified myself as claiming points for...
  4. G

    Stating work experience on EOI

    Hi, Below is what is stated on my ACS skills assessment form. Your qualification has been assessed as follows: Your Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering from XXXXXXXXX completed October 2009 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a major in computing. The...