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  1. P

    ICT BA 90 For 189 and 95 for State

    Hi All, Hope you are doing well. I have submitted my EOI with 90 point for 189 and 95 with 190 (NSW) for the ICT business analyst occupation and I am currently living in NSW. Date of effect is of 18th Nov 2019. Experts could you advice by when i can expect 189 or 190 invite? Thanks...
  2. K

    189 visa with 75 points under job 'ICT Business Analyst'

    Hi, I have 75 points and submitted application (EOI) on July 18th under 189 skilled visa for ICT Business Analyst role. Any inputs on what are the chances and when can I get my invite? Also, if any of you can discuss regarding 2019 Sept draw, it would give me some idea. Best wishes & Thanks...
  3. S

    NSW Waiting time for ICT Business Analyst (75 points) under 190 visa

    Hi All, its been more than 4 months that I submitted my EOI for NSW state under 190 visa with 75 points. Havent heard anything as of yet. Please advise until how long is the wait, has anyone received invite for ICT BA?
  4. wanderlust3108

    NSW ICT Business Analyst - 189 (75 points), 190 (80 points)

    EOI Update date : 16th Mar 2019 State Nomination sought : NSW, VIC Superior English (90 in all sections in PTE) By when I can expect the 190 invite from either NSW/VIC for ICT Business Analyst, realistically speaking, given the above? Thanks