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    ACS Assess two degrees?

    I was wondering if I can access my Bachelor and Masters degrees together as they are both in IT, I want to apply of ICT system security specialist, but my masters degree relates more to ICT business analyst, while my bachelor has more security subjects. While I want to assess the two degree...
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    Suitable occupation code

    Did bcom with 1 subject of IT, joined an IT reseller companies call center selling IT products. Worked 6 months. Joined bank and worked in risk management for 4.5 yrs and did mba finance in parallel ( it had 1 cs psubject.).but work in bank was implementation of a risk solution.. Switched to...
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    ICT professionals assessment

    My question is, I have 3-year of MBIT degree with total 29 subjects out of which 8 subjects are of IT. Does my Master degree fall under ICT Minor? I am not able to understand the below statements of ACS guideline. Can somebody help? According to ACS, a Bachelor or higher qualification is...