ict security specialist

  1. carlo_lu

    ACS ICT Security Specialist - Audit Experience

    Hello, Will internal/external audit experience be counted for skills assessment for ICT security specialist? Here is a brief detail on my work experience below: Job 1: External IT Audit - 2 years Job 2: Internal IT Audit - 2 years Job 3: Security Incident Response Quality Assurance - 6 years
  2. D

    ACS ACS Skill level met confusion. Need Guidance

    Hello All, I am planning to apply for Sub 189/190 and now in the process to file for my ACS under ICT Security Specialist. I have completed my majors in Computer Systems Security from the UK in 2010. After that, I got a job in March 2012 in India in the cybersecurity field. Till date I have...
  3. Himanish Lekhi

    2019-2020 Same EOI can be applied twice?

    Hi everyone, I would like to know if we can apply same EOI under the same occupation and same visa more than once. Actually, I applied my 189 visa under ICT security specialist through lawyer. However, I think I should apply it by my own too to go safe side. is it okay to apply EOI with same...
  4. Sabaameer

    NSW Subclass 190 visa processing time

    Hi, I am applying for subclass 190 PR visa with 70 points for occupation - ICT Security Specialist ANZSCO CODE: 262112 What would be the waiting time?
  5. K

    ACS Doubt on years deduction on iCT securitu specialist ANZ code

    Hi All, I am B tech in CS from UPTU, having 6.8 years of exp in network and cyber security. I will apply for ICT security specialist but i am bit tensed about years deduction. will they deduct 2 or 4 years? any idea anyone...Please suggest as all my friends have gone with 263111 and got only 2...
  6. N

    Subclass 190 ICT security

    Hi there, I have logged EOI in ICT security on 22/Jan/18 at 65 points for subclass 189 and 70 points for subclass 190. Do you guys know if anyone is getting an invitation in subclass 190 ( NSW) as the points required for this category is 70? Please reply. Thank you!!! Narinder
  7. mfarooqkhan

    ACS ICT Security Specialist - 10+ Years Experience, 16 Years Edu, IELTS (8.5/8/8/W7)

    I am going to apply under ICT Security Specialist but I am not sure on many things, this is my first post here, so please spare me if I am a pain. Point me in the direction please: Overall experience: 10+ years of dedicated information security experience Certifications: CISSP, CISA, CISM, ISO...