1. C

    Working Holiday Visa Extension COVID-19 Enquiry

    Hi All, I have a working holiday visa (subclass 462) due to expire on June 1, 2020. The visa has not been activated because I have not entered Australia yet. Due to COVID-19 and border closure, I am unable to enter Australia before my visa expires. Is it possible to extend the visa?
  2. IronMan

    SA Is IED applicable for General Skilled Migration scheme (489 visa)

    Hi All, I have done some initial research but just want some latest opinions regarding IED. For General Skilled Migration, do we need to travel before IED or can travel before the visa expires? Including dependents (secondary applicants - not claiming any points) I think its not necessary.
  3. nmr

    General On Visa 190 - missed IED

    Hi, I referred to the forum post regarding visa type 189. I am on visa type 190 sponsored by Victoria, and my IED is 8-Feb-2018, and the visa grant date is until 27-Feb-2022 as per the grant notice. I am planning to...