1. khurram.aleem

    Guide PTE SCORE : L 78 R:83 S:83 W: 79

    PTE SCORE : L 78 R:83 S:83 W: 79 Just one point! Do I need to take the exam again to claim 20 points? :confused: . Is there any way to rescore this or to use this score to claim max points ? Experts kindly reply. Thanks.
  2. K

    Do I need to submit the IELTS report to DHA?

    Or simply uploading the report in ImmiAccount is already enough? For PTE, you are required to send the report via PTE online account to DHA. I'm not sure if there is similar process for IELTS.
  3. K

    Retaking English Test

    What if I consider to retake english test and then the result happen to be the same (or worst case I get lower marks for the 2nd time), should I use that latest (2nd) result for my EOI or can I still use the existing one (1st result)? Thanks!
  4. Etienne

    Pearson PTE - Remark Possible

    Hi, I have done the TOEFL twice, I have done the IELTS 5 times and the Pearson PTE 3 times!!! I need Superior to get an invite for 189 or 190. Question is, in my last Pearson PTE results I got Superior in all categories but not in the Writing, I got 77!! I have read that a re-mark is...
  5. A

    Subclass 189 IELTS or PTE

    Hi All, I've heard people saying that PTE is easier to score 20 points than IELTS? Anyboody here scored 20 points in IELTS?
  6. N

    Subclass 190 My IELTS score was overall 8 but 7.5 n writing. Can i improve my score with PTE?

    Hi.. this is my first post here. Submitted EOI for 189 and 190 in July 2018. 75 pts for 190 under job 261312 (developer programmer). My IELTS score was overall 8 but 7.5 in writing. My questions are : 1) Can i improve my score with PTE? 2) Do I stand a chance of receiving invite soon?
  7. I

    Subclass 189 IELTS score for EOI

    Hi, I'm going to submit expression of Interest. I've received positive skill assessment from CPA authority for 221111 Accountant . The IELTS score required by CPA to have positive assessment was 7 band in each module for Academic IELTS, which I scored easily. However, I have also taken...
  8. I

    VETASSESS IELTS requirement for Management Consultant Occupation - Code 224711

    Hi ; Can someone please advise on IELTS requirements for Management Consultant Occupation - Code 224711. This occupation is on MLTSSL and assessed by VETASSESS. I've tried to lookup VETASSESS website but have been unable to find IELTS requirements for skill assessment. Regards; Imran
  9. Dileep

    PTE: preparatory material

    Hi Guys, You can get some preparatory materials for PTE, which I had access to. Maybe helpful for some of our friends. Get 'em @
  10. Dotta

    IELTS Score is 8 but still not eligable

    Hi All, I just got my frustrating IELTS score today which I have been waiting for, to increase my points. I got 6.5 in writing, but overall 8, which does not allow me to gain the needed points. It makes me think of the efficiency of the IELTS system! However I need help increasing my writing...
  11. A

    Should IELTS/PTE Score be the same for EA and DIBP

    Dear Friends, I am a Mechanical Engineer cum Sustainability Consultant, and want to apply for EA skills assessment. I have IELTS score with me (7 above in all, except speeaking where i got 6.5). Now according to EA and DIBP i have "Competent" english necessary to get the assessment done. Now...
  12. MysticRiver

    Is PTE easier than IELTS?

    There are differences in opinions about the relative difficulties between IELTS, PTE and other tests. Some people suggests PTE is easier to score, some other says they are all the same. I think it is a good topic for debate, also would help people who are trying to score some points against...
  13. MysticRiver

    Info English language competency level for Australian Immigration

    Your English language competency level is determined by the highest level you obtained from below cases. If you hold a valid passport issued by the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand or the Republic of Ireland and you are a citizen of that country, you...