immi assessment commence

  1. S

    pathway to residency

    Hi I have recently been granted my 408 visa which has been active for about 3months now .I am starting my research early on but really appreciate the insight. I am currently working as PCA in an aged care facility but the options that were given to me by my previous migration agent was to take...
  2. jloto

    Immi Assessment Commence for Global Talent visa application

    Hi folks, I submitted my global talent visa application in late November. Yesterday, I received an email said Notification that your application for a Global Talent (Residence) (class BX) Global Talent (subclass 858) visa has been allocated for processing. This letter confirms that your...
  3. V

    IMMI ASSESSMENT COMMENCE, Processing Allocation

    Hi, I have received a message in my immiaccount profile saying "IMMI Assessment Commence". Can someone explain that? It says This letter confirms that your application is progressing and has been allocated for further processing. You will be contacted about any additional information if...
  4. Ved parkash

    Info 482

    Hi folks I want to apply 482 visa and i have 2 years experience but as a casual employee will they accept it or not Thanks
  5. A

    Subclass 190 190 visa after Immi assessment commence email

    Hi guys, Hope you are doing well. I lodged my visa application for 190 victoria on 28th December 2019 and received “Immi Assessment Commence” email on 12th May 2020. Its one month now after assessment commence email and haven’t heard anything from CO. My nominated occupation is Engineering...