immi document checklist

  1. Ved parkash

    Info 482

    Hi folks I want to apply 482 visa and i have 2 years experience but as a casual employee will they accept it or not Thanks
  2. S

    subclass 190 documents checklist

    Hi Experts, I am planning to lodge subclass 190 visa soon. I have not done medicals yet, as I am unable to generate HAP ID for subclass 190 visa. Here are my documents uploaded under each section. can you please confirm, If this is sufficient. Birth or Age, Evidence of 3 docs...
  3. G

    Subclass 189 Documents for Visa Lodgment

    Hi guys, I am trying to generate HAP ID so that I can get my medical test done (even before I get ITA). While filling the details in Immi website, I had couple of doubts. 1) It asks for "Other Identity Documents". I have a driver's license of my home country but on that, my surname is not...
  4. D

    Visa 190 Health Assessment

    Hi friends, Could anyone please advise about the Health assessment for visa 190. i am going to submit my visa application on immi-account but don't see health assessment section yet on screen. Any possible way I can do health assessment before submission?
  5. D

    190 subclass visa documents

    Hello people, I am filling in form for 190 subclass in immiaccount. It has prompted me to submit form 80 and PCC. 1. Can I submit form 80 and PCC later? 2. When can I submit health assessment??
  6. B

    189 - REQUIRED Document Upload for Non-Relevant Work Experience? Why?

    Hey all, I am currently on a 485 graduate visa here in Australia (living here for the past 4 years as a student). For my EOI, I put my work experience for the last 10 years and made sure to mark them all as irrelevant as they're not related to my occupation. Today as I started to fill out my...
  7. A

    Subclass 189 I have got my visa invite yesterday, now I have to lodge the visa application with the fee, mc and pcc I have got extra points due to increase in exp

    I have got my Australian visa invite yesterday after 10 month of EOI, now I have to lodge the visa application with the fee, medical checkup and pcc I have got extra points due to increase in experience after submitting EOI. Q1- Do I have to provide any extra document to claim these extra...
  8. atifiqbal1985

    Certified copy?

    Hello guys, While searching for the Visa 189 document checklist, I came across many documents where it was mentioned that one should upload the Certified Copy of the original. However, I was told that scan copy of the original would be required, and therefore, I have scanned the original. Can...
  9. S

    IMMI Document Checklist

    Please Find attached the Immi Document checklist