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    Info Can we apply for tourist when our OCI card application already submitted but getting delayed?

    Hi Guys, This related to Indian OCI card. Can someone please clarify, if I have already submitted my OCI application and waiting for it to be issued but the process time is 8 weeks as of now. meanwhile if i have to travel to India can I apply for tourist visa? I did call VFS global,when I...
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    Subclass 189 China PCC from India

    Hi People , Can anyone please tell me how to get China PCC from India. I searched a few sites and even contacted them but was not of much help. Thanks in advance!
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    Indian PCC Query

    Hi Guys, I am an Indian citizen and applying for Permanent residency (Sub class 189) and require PCC from India. I have been living in Australia from past 3 years. I received my invitation this November. Q1. Can I apply for this PCC in India as I am going to India on December 8th? or Should I...
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    Subclass 189 Overseas PCC for applying 189

    hi everyone May i know if some has applied for 189 like recently. Is it ok to provide overseas pcc later or is it mandatory to provide it while applying itself? @MysticRiver can you please let me know, if you have any about this. Is there any change in application procedure recently? Thanks...
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    Subclass 189 ACS - Required Documents

    Hi, I have planned to submit my Consolidated mark sheet as Award Transcript, which details all the subjects of the course. I have completed MCA, so I have to submit both Master's and Bachelor's degree certificates and consolidated mark sheets. The problem is, my Bachelor degree's consolidated...
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    Applying for ACS

    Hi, I have 10+ yrs of Software Development experience. I have changed 4 companies in these many years and now working in the 5th company for last 5 yrs. As per ACS Skills Assessment Guidelines Each employment reference must contain: • Description of Duties Performed – Required to determine...