initial entry date

  1. A

    Health assessment deadline

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone who has been through the 309/100 partner visa process can answer a question for me. The question is, when your CO asks you to provide your health assessment, do they give a deadline for this and how long is that, typically? We've put our application in a little...
  2. M

    General Enquiry after obtaining PR for visa subclass 190

    Hi everyone. I have a couple of questions after being nominated by VIC receiving PR for visa subclass 190. Hope you guys could help answer those that you know. Thanks! :) After I have successfully received PR for visa 190, how long will the visa allow me to find a job? Where can I find for...
  3. Santi

    Initial entry requirement for the dependents of the onshore visa applicant

    @MysticRiver @Rakshanda Re IED, if the main applicant is already onshore upon visa grant what will be the basis of the IED of the dependents? Thanks
  4. N

    Extend Initial Entry Date

    I want to know one thing, the visa said i have to land in 10 months, can this period be extended, i mean my landing, can it be delayed? if yes then how and by how much. A bunch of thanks for your guidance and advice