invitation 189

  1. A

    Any chance of getting 189 Invitation For a CHEF at 85 Points

    Anyone got an invitation for CHEF at 85 Points for 189.? Any chances? I have 85 points, without any state points.
  2. P

    189 Invitation By mistake

    Hi guys, Yesterday, I've made a mistake of leaving my partner out of my 189 EOI, I wa going to correct it today 10/01 but I've been invited. If I apply with her I lost 5 point and end up with 90 - So can I just ignore that invitation and correct the EOI for 90 points ? Would I still be able...
  3. sohank

    SC 189 Invite

    Hello, What are the odds of getting an invite with 80 points for SC 189? Thanks!
  4. Hasan.gharaibeh

    Subclass 189 Can I put my spouse in my application to get PR

    Assuming that I got invited to 189/190 in NSW, and I included my partner which I don't want to claim any extra points from her, I'm the main applicant and I want to put her into my application to make it quick and to avoid lodging a partner visa, is that possible ? Are we receiving both PR in...
  5. G

    Skill Select update

    Hi, I have submitted an EOI about 2 months ago with currently 75 points. In 20 days I’ll finish the Professional Year and will be able to claim 5 extra points. My question is, can I go to my EOI and update my points considering I’m 20 days away to actually completed the Professional Year? As...
  6. B

    Passport expire in short time

    Hi , i have received an invitation to lodge a Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) (Points-Tested Stream) visa application Mar-19, but my passport will expire on Oct-19, all my supportive documants are available with my current passport. 1. pls let me how will effect if i submit with current...
  7. D

    Subclass 189 Invitation 189

    Hi @MysticRiver , I have lodged my EOI on 22/02/19 for ANZSCO 134213 (Primary Health Organisation Manager) with 70 points for subclass 189 visa. Any idea/info by when I could expect an invitation? Thanks.