invitation round

  1. R

    was There any movement in 65 pointers

    Congrats to all who received invitation yesterday !! Was there any movement in 65 pointers . Please do reply
  2. K

    NSW Any idea how long it takes for Electronics Engineer with 70 points in NSW?

    Hello Guys, I have applied for Electronics Engineer with (65+5=70) points. Anyone got any idea how long it might take to receive an invitation for NSW. Thank you, Ravi.
  3. Lynne Crawford

    234111 Agricultural Consultant eoi

    I have had an EOI for the 189 for a while but yet to be invited. Now I am off shore I have just submitted a 190 EOI for Victoria. I have 75 points and am i correct i will now have 80 due to being state nominated. Do you have two invitation rounds a month like the 189 or is it random...
  4. A

    How soon I will get invitation with 65 Points

    I have submitted EOI under Production and Plant engineer (233513) on 16th Jan.2018 with 65 Points. As I can check last invitation round was on 3rd Jan, 2018 and visa date of effect was 2nd Jan 2018. So my question is How soon I will get invitation with 65 Points Visa date of effect 2nd...
  5. S

    DIBP Invitation rounds

    Hello, Is this a new norm of DIBP to update their website in second round of the month like they did in Nov'17 month. Next round is expected around 30 mins from now but website still not updated for Dec'17 rounds. Can anyone anticipate what is going on ? Its very depressing and frustrating from...
  6. S

    Next Invitation round for Australia

    When the next invitation round for Australia is likely to commence ? Any idea. DIBP website still not updated for that. regards Raza
  7. S

    Australia November'17 Rounds

    Hello Team ! Can you please share as per your information whats going around with DIBP, No round details so far for Nov'17 Month with no official intimation for any halt in the process at their end. Is this a technical issue or some other policy matter of dibp ? Share your insight on this...
  8. S

    Invitation Quota not updated for Nov'17 rounds

    Hi, Any clue why Invitation Quota not updated for Nov'17 rounds till yet for Australia, as next round is less than 5 hrs ahead. br Raza
  9. R

    Visa Date of Effect Consideration for 189 VISA

    Recently result for 1st February invitation round was declared for 189 category. I submitted by EOI on 24th January 2017 with 65 points. However, the visa date of effect for that round was until 21st December 2016. Unfortunately, I am falling year old by 20th February and that will decrease my...