invitation time

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    Info Invitation to visit Australia

    Hello! I am applying for a tourist visa to visit my friend in Australia. When can my friend send me the invitation as they haven't sent one yet, should it be before I apply for the visa or after? At what point do they send it and through what platform?
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    NSW NSW 190 invitation round November 2019

    I am wondering if everyone has any news regarding NSW 190 invitation after the new points system has taken place on Nov 16. My occupation is graphic designer (Medium on NSW occupations list). Anyone has received an invitation on a similar occupation, or any in the last a couple of months? EOI...
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    Subclass 489 FS 489 FS on 85 points

    Hi there New to all of this, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Just lodged an EOI for a 489 FS visa on 85 points - Accountant General 221111. According to my research (and I could be very very wrong, but I'm trying to understand...) there are invitation rounds on the 11th of each...
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    Invitation Time

    Hi All, I have 70 points overall. I have applied for 190 for Victoria. My skill set is 262111. What are the chances for getting an invitation? How much time does it normally take to receive an invitation. When will be the next invitation round held?