1. S

    Subclass 190 Job change during the Visa application process and change in occupation details?

    I have resigned from my current company on a notice period of 2 months (tentatively until Nov 3rd) and new joining date would be Nov 4th. However I received an invite for applying 190 from NSW .As I have 60 days to finalise the application, what details I am suppose to fill in the application -...
  2. A

    Subclass 189 Paying fees on the last day of invitation validity

    Hello @MysticRiver Due to some financial constraints , I have to ask this question. I got invited on Jan 11th,2019 and its valid till March 11th,2019. In worst case ,what if i make the payment on March 11th ? Will it be any problem?
  3. Shweta12

    190 and 189 invite possibility

    hi Greeting of the day to all My name is Shweta. I am looking forward to get some advice on my chances of getting an invitation by nsw and 189 visa with following points: Occupation engineering technologist English skill 20 Edu 15 Age 30 points Total 65 points ( 70 for 190) Also my birthday is...