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    I have acquired student visa. I have no experience overseas Australia yet. I cannot get a job in Australia on student visa as my PhD is tough. My age is 40-41 till PhD completion. If I get job in Australia when my student visa gets expired, which visa most suits me to do job in Australia? I can...
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    General Enquiry after obtaining PR for visa subclass 190

    Hi everyone. I have a couple of questions after being nominated by VIC receiving PR for visa subclass 190. Hope you guys could help answer those that you know. Thanks! :) After I have successfully received PR for visa 190, how long will the visa allow me to find a job? Where can I find for...
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    General Finding an IT job in Australia

    Currently, I am holding a valid PR. I have experience with 10+ years experience in ".net" (Microsoft Technologies) development. What are the job prospects in Australia for my skill and what are the best possible ways to connect to recruiters? Currently, I am working outside Australia, what will...
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    Purpose of submitting secondary employment evidences

    What is the purpose of submitting employment evidence other than the employer's reference? In a case where an employer/employee has not paid tax on the salary earned by the employee, and was paid by cash in hand and the employee can only provide evidence such as a salary letter from employer...
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    Choosing state and job opportunity in Australia

    I am currently stumbled by numerous questions and here are some of them First of all Australia is a vast country and I am pretty reluctant in choosing my destination there Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or Adelaide all of them are stunning places and frankly I don't know what is the best...
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    General Work Fields

    Undoubtedly, most of engineers in the Middle East or Gulf areas are just working as coordinators in handling projects or driving any maintenance process in any service jobs. As a mechanical engineer willing to work in Australia after getting my 189 subclass visa invitation I am currently...