1. nomzhere

    VETASSESS Blogging Experience for Marketing Specialist

    Hi guys, I did my MBA between 2015 and 2017 but before that, I worked for myself as a blogger between 2009 and 2015 - I used to have websites, where authors, which I had hired, used to write, and I used to get earnings from Google Adsense Program (advertisements on the website). I am applying...
  2. E

    VETASSESS Marketing Specialist Skill Assessment

    Hi Will a marketing specialist get positive skill assessment if he has two years of relevant experience in the last 5 years, Bachelor degree AQF comparable, but not in a highly relevant field of study?
  3. E

    NSW 491 nomination chance to 80 points (marketing specialist)

    What are the chance for 80 points to get 491 nomination for marketing specialist (wife’s English is competent)?
  4. S

    VETASSESS Vetassess result confusion.

    Hi, I recently applied for skill assessment through Vetassess as a marketing specialist. I have completed 3 years bachelors and 2 years masters (MBA major Marketing) and I do have 2 years of work experience in Australia as a marketing specialist ANZSCO CODE 225113. They have mentioned this...