marriage certificate 189

  1. Hasan.gharaibeh

    NSW Is the marriage certificate sufficient for Immigration ?

    Is the marriage certificate only sufficient for Immigration-AU if I want to include her (my partner) in my application? I live in Sydney for 3 years and I cannot see any point to have a joint bank account. I have officially done got engaged few months ago when I went overseas for a holiday, so...
  2. nnawalage

    Subclass 189 Proof of Marriage

    Hi, I have been legally married for 4 years now. What additional documents should we submit to prove the relationship apart from the marriage certificate? (We don't have kids)
  3. N

    Subclass 189 Further evidence of relationship with the spouse

    Hi everyone, Sorry for long message, if you had the same experience, I would be thankful if you share it with us. I have previously posted on this post ( FYI, my husband did not claim extra...
  4. N

    Subclass 189 Is it risky to claim 5 points for partner skills?

    Hi everyone, I would be very thankful if you can assist me with our case. Our story (sorry for long text): I and my husband (married couple of days ago-July 2018) met in Australia when both of us were students. We have been dating since that time 2015 February. After a year he moved to my...