1. S

    Suggestion studying MS for 5 point

    I am offshore candidate with skill assessment as Software Engineer making 80 points today (age30), since it seems improbable to get an invite with this point, I am thinking of planning to study master program in australia which will fetch me another 5 points and that 3 years of work visa. So by...
  2. shd

    Eligibility for Masters degree in Canada

    Hello , I am Swapnil from India.I have Batchelors of Science degree in IT with 52% and also have completed Master of Computer Application(MCA) with 66% and currently I am looking for a master's degree in analytics from Canada.I also have one year experience as a Business Intelligence developer...
  3. M

    EA Skilled Employment between Bachelors and Masters Recognised???

    Hi there. I have a query about skilled employment assessment with Engineers Australia and was wondering if anyone can help. I'm unsure if I should apply as an Industrial Engineer (i.e. Professional Engineer) or Engineering Technologist. The problem is, I studied a 3 year bachelors degree (Sydney...
  4. S

    Do I need to submit Bachelor degree certificate if I want to assess Masters degree?

    Hello, for ECA is it required to get bachelors degree assessed as well apart from masters?
  5. N

    Designation difference

    I am a software tester. I have experienced of more than 5yrs. My designation for 1st four years of experience was student computer applications. Will that be counted for software testing experience? I did my Bsc in IT and started working. I also completed my Masters degree while I was working...