mba - ict business analyst

  1. shd

    Eligibility for Masters degree in Canada

    Hello , I am Swapnil from India.I have Batchelors of Science degree in IT with 52% and also have completed Master of Computer Application(MCA) with 66% and currently I am looking for a master's degree in analytics from Canada.I also have one year experience as a Business Intelligence developer...
  2. R

    ACS Is Market research profile similar to ICT BA?

    I am a commerce graduate and having an age of 30 years. I have been working in TCS since last 7 years, will complete 8 years by April'19. My current profile is "Senior process associate" and working in Marker research domain. I would like to plan for Australia PR and hence was going through the...
  3. C

    ACS ICT Business Analyst Assessment | MBA - HR | B Sc CS

    Hello All, Please find the credentials of my spouse. [ I am trying to get 5 points for spouse]. Under Grad: B Sc in Computer Science [ 40% of her courses are ICT related ] First Year: Maths Computer Science Chemistry Indian Heritage & Culture Second Year: Maths-II Computer Science II...
  4. J

    Subclass 190 Timelines for 190 with 75 points ICT Business Analyst

    @MysticRiver Hi - Does anyone know the processing time for ICT business analyst for state of Victoria and NSW with 75
  5. A

    ICT Business Analyst

    Hello All, I am an MBA having 10 years work experience as Business consultant in banking Software (Business Analyst) . Planning to apply for Skill verification under ICT Business analyst. As I have a non IT qualification how many years of experience ACS may deduct . Also as I have Studied IT...