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    ACS Experience with MCSE certification, then master degree in IT in Australia

    Hi, Since 2010 to 2018, I have eight years of work experience in IT with MCSE certification, but MCSE certificate completed in 2015. Recently in 2019, I have also completed my bachelor degree and planning to do a master degree in IT in Australia. Now my question is total eight years which I...
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    ACS How much points will get for Non ICT degree with MCSE certificate

    Hello Anyone help to calculate my points for eligible ACS assessment for 189, 190 Visa. These are my details: Non ICT degree 2 year ICT diploma (Hardware/Networking) MCSE certificate 10 years experience (ICT Support ) Age-32
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    ACS Australia PR Non ICT Skill listed Graduation BA

    Hello Admin, I am a Bachelors of Arts passed out in 2012, though I have been working in IT from 2010 October till date which more then 6 years experience. My query is that if ACS or Australian Visa Authorities would only consider my Work Ex which is after my graduation date in the nominated...