medical check

  1. GeloPitt

    Will hemorrhoids affect my application for Australian Visa (491) during Medical Examination?

    I will be lodging my visa next month. I worried I might fail the Medical Check due to hemorroids. Anyone in same situation?
  2. Visaapplicant

    How can i use HAPID of one visa application for another visa application?

    Hi I am currently in student visa until 21 april, 2020. Therefore i applied for 2 visa skilled migration 485 visa and skilled migration ens 186 visa (through my employer for software engineer position). i have 2 different hapid now for my medical examination one for each visa. The thing is...
  3. A

    Subclass 189 Skipping Health Assessment

    Hi, I have received invitation recently but my wife is pregnant at the same time. I am thinking to skip MHD in the visa application now and wait for CO to advise, to gain more time in order to include the new born in the visa application and get my wife stabilize before we travel to Australia...
  4. A

    Skipping Health Declarations

    Hi everyone, Will it impact my visa grant if I skip Health examinations and don't complete MHD for me and my family as my wife is pregnant (2nd Trimester) and i want Case Officer to advise about the medical exam after I apply? This is to avoid X-ray and get time until the birth so I can also...
  5. Sangu hanjagi

    Subclass 189 PCC and Medical Test

    Hi Anyone, I got the invitation for 189 and my medical and PCC are not yet done. Can I Lodge my visa before that and get them done later? Is it possible to get Medical test done before submitting the visa?
  6. dkislits

    NSW Medical for 190 visa

    Hi, Can someone please advise on how do you generate health id for medical examination? Does it get generated after the fees are paid or can I generate prior to paying a visa fee? Help is great appreciated.
  7. A

    Subclass 190 EOI and VISA application - Doubts related to primary and secondary applicant

    I want to apply for EOI and then for VISA application along with my wife. I have below doubts regarding the same: 1. Can I change primary applicant to secondary and secondary applicant to primary later after submitting the EOI? 2. Does medical tests happen for both primary and secondary...
  8. N

    Health check before lodging 189&190 visa application

    Hi everyone, My husband received invitation from NSW. We want to submit all required documents when we lodge the visa (offshore) in order to increase the chances of getting the visa grant faster. I read through the DoHA website how to do medicals check up before lodging visa application (My...
  9. V

    How to find Client Declaration in My Health Declaration

    I have submitted "My Health Declaration" and organized health examinations. I forgot to print "Client Declaration" and am unable to get access to print it now. Please advise how I can access this.
  10. Etienne

    Subclass 457 Case officer grant visa without medical clearance?

    Hi, We got a letter from our Lung Specialist to say that my wife does not have Active TB and that the cultures will be available in 4 weeks time to say what the mark on her lung is. The specialist also said in her letter she doubt it will come back as Latent TB even. The MOC/Bupa came back...
  11. Etienne

    Subclass 457 457 Approval possible before co-applicant - Australia

    Hi, I am the main applicant and everything is ready to go on my end for the visa approval. My wife is the co-applicant and we waiting for her approval for the medicals as she might have TB (picked up on x-day) and it might take months before she get's the medical clearance. Problem is the...
  12. Etienne

    Subclass 457 Small Spot on chest X-Ray - Concerned

    Hi, I got a sponsor for a 457 Visa for a company in Sydney. Our last hurdle was the medicals before we wait for approval. My medical is all fine and I am the main applicant, but they found a small spot on my wife's one lung (the doc don't know what it is but he say it wont be TB). Now this is...
  13. B

    About Medical Check

    Wanted to ask a quick question. While filling a PR visa application, there's a question about whether the applicant has done a medical examination etc in the last 12 months. In a case where an applicant did a medical examination and X-rays in 2016 (although over 12 months but still not up to 18...